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Doesn't anyone want my vote?

Can't believe the Police Commissioner and rustens ward town councillor elections are tomorrow...yet only one candidate for each has bothered to put anything through our door to say what they stand for. How can anyone make an informed voting choice on that basis?


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Tony S
None of them posted anything to our letterbox about who they are and how they can help us.

Because of that, I'm not voting for anyone.
John R
Same here, and that badly presented piece of paper was full of party dogma (I won't say which party), and virtually nothing about their Police Commissioner candidate apart from a very brief mention.

The information and candidate profiles are online but not everyone is able to access them this way. I forecast a VERY LOW turnout. Judging by the usual turnout for local elections I can't see it being anything higher than about 20% - hardly representative.
Tony S
Bill T, thanks for the link, but I would agree with what John has said. Not everyone are online.

They should have made every effort to "connect" with people to gain voters. Not "oh, just put my profile online and my job's done!"

It's too late now.
Pat P
I agree with above comments. Apart from finding info about candidates on line, we have heard nothing, so will not be voting. Very shabby way of doing things.
Tony V
The trouble is, if you don't vote, you risk joining the "apathetics".
John R
Its heading towards the biggest Non Event ever.

Despite the Government TV ads etc. the actual promotion 'On the Ground' has been virtually non existent. Anyone who does actually vote will probably go with their usual Party allegiances.

There was a TV 'Vox Pops' item a couple of weeks ago asking people what they wanted the new Commissioners to do and almost without exception the things that people wanted to be done were not within the remits of the new commissioners.

Tony V I agree with what you say, as that's always been my assertion -  If you don't vote you don't have a reason to complain - but when you don't know what you're voting for that doesn't really apply any more 
John R
Just seen the headline story on the EEN website, where they are forecasting only a 15% turnout even worse than my prediction.
Tony V
There are two different aspects to consider here.

The PCC vote and the VERY local matter of electing a new Wymondham Town Councillor for the Rustins Ward.

The contact details of the candidates (taken from their respective leaflets are):

Melvyn Elias 07709352053

Mark Walker 07944528698

(for anyone who wants to check them out before voting).

You could try texting if their phone is switched off.

You have until 10.00pm today (15 Nov)

They will probably be at the Polling Station for at least part of the time.
Simon C
Vote for goodness sake.  Apathy is at the root of most of what's wrong in this country.  Go to the polls and 'spoil'  your vote by saying "none of the above"  or whatever you need to say.  At least it will get counted.
Additionally this is a new form of voting, most people seem to agree that our current system of first past the post is at times inefficient.  If people don't vote you can hear the politicians blaming the poor turnout on confusion. that people didn't understand how to vote.  It will the justify keeping with first past the post and we will be back to low turnouts returning ye same old people onto parliament gravy train!
So please don't sit at home grumbling to yourself because no-onewill hear you, no vote = no say =don't count= happy as they are, they are more likely to act if they have large numbers of voters sending a clear message sitting at home in the dark doesn't do it.
Sue G
I think you should always vote.  It is a freedom so many across the world would and do die for.  If you don't agree with the election show it by spoiling your paper to show you disagree other wise it just looks like apathy; then your paper is counted and noted.  I think this election is a waste of money now and in the future when we can't afford it.  I have not had any contact in any form by anyone.
Chris L
Really not sure about this. Political Police Commissioners? (That's what they will  become). On the other hand if I don't vote will I be opening the way for privatisation (G4S?) of some of the police activities? Mulbarton has a really good PCSO who provides a valuable service  to the community. How do I know which candidate will be best placed to protect that service as none can be bothered to  tell me. All I have received is one piece of party propaganda. Spoilt paper looks like the best option.
I have always voted as I believe it is something women died for to enable me to vote BUT
On this occasion I am not voting! I know spoiling papers is one way to make a point but is it?
Nobody takes notice.if wespoil papers or didn't turn up!
I agree with the sentiment about not be apathetic. I have always exercised my right to vote in the past at every election local or national. This is the first time I've felt so completely uninformed that its hard to make a rationale choice...not convinced spoiling my paper will prove anything.
Pat P
we agree, so didn't vote, cos spoiling the papers would not be noticed i am sure. we have always voted, but this all seemed pointless and so disorganised, no point in voting if you have no information. we kept thinking something would come in post or even on TV, but nothing.
Simon C
Spoiling your papers does count as they are logged and it goes in the record.  One writer says the reason or statement entered is logged but I don't know this is fact.  Not voting just suggests people can't be bothered.
Robert M
Papers that have comments on are the most entertaining and necessary 'wake up' calls that many politicians get.
Known as 'spoilt papers' they don't get counted as a vote but must be counted and seen by election agents and candidates to ensure ballot papers tally.
Make sure that what you write is constructive and you will have done democracy a great favour!
Pat P
Worth knowing this should the occasion arise again.
Linda D
I did vote, just in time, as I had been away, but I agree this system does not work.  My parents do not use the internet, and I know several others also who do not.  There needs to be more knowledge out there, but we should never forget that we have the right to vote, (some countries don't).  We need to start taking our rights more seriously, if we don't vote, we have no right to complain if things go wrong, and if things do go wrong we should hold those people to account.
Tony V
Rustins Ward result

Melvyn Elias won by 10 votes
Simon C
Yeah.  It says people would rather watch Eastenders than bother to have a say in how they are policed.
We now have a person in charge of our police authority, a single person who can fire the chief constable and decide on how you and me are policed what the priorities are and how the budget will  be spent.  In most places the people put up were political placements by the main parties so who are they going to be listening to, not you.  I think in Norfolk we got a good result, This tidal wave of change has hit and 85% of people were still on the beach with their fingers in their ears eyes shut singing the Lah Lah song!
Yrs but we can't vote for people who can't be bothered to tell us why we should vote for them! They needed to persuade people to go and vote for them especially at this,time of the year!
It was a horrid foggy eve here and if people not encouraged to go why they going to turn out?
Simon C
I think we can all make excuses as to why we didn't vote.

What I didn't know was the government decided not to do a mail shot for the candidates at a saving of 30million to the taxpayer.  However is it fair that an independent has to shell out thousands of pounds on leaflets out of their own pocket when their main party competitor has everything paid for by the party?

No it was a fiasco but it was an important issue, one that will affect us all.  We have now what we deserve, I hope it works out, as I said, look at the Norfolk result and I think we may have got a good result.  A word of warning though, it wouldn't have taken much for the extremist groups to have gotten on the bandwagon, with the low turnout if they organised themselves they could have won, where's the sense in that!
I didn't know about that decision either. It still comes down to giving people information though on which to bade a decision.
How can people vote for someone they know nothing about!
As you say it seems a good decision for Norfolk. Lets hope powers that be look at this fiasco and do something differently next time!
Christmas concert tickets anyone?!

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