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Yes it's here in Suffolk NOW.

Hello everyone, I started a radio station in Lincolnshire, plus one in Devon, now yes it's here your own local radio station in Carlton Colville Suffolk, your welcome to make use of our broadcasts live some parts of the day every day mostly 10PM to 11.30 PM  and 3pm  till 5PM daily, please do enjoy our test transmissions now till March 1st 2013 when full broadcasts should start. Your radio, your voice, your news. Alternative4u Broadcasting for 18 years.


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Helen S
Well done, it will be good to have really local news 
How can we pick it up on our radio also contact number for you to broadcast local events.
Gloria S
I second Helen's comments - well done. Would also like to have a contact number and details.
Angela F
Where can we find it on the radio, what number. Would be interested to listen in.
Tony J
i would have thought that you would have put the frequency of the station. Sounds a bit ifyyy to me
Discodaddy D
its broadcast via the internet only...via home pc etc
David W inactive
Hello everyone, I must say it was nice to see some proper expected comments from neg people in Suffolk so I wont reply to those as England is full of pains like those, but the people who are pos thinkers who replied thank you, and yes I know people are desperate for a media in this area of Suffolk that would love local news and gossip, event news, I talk to people who tell me this all the time.
However no you wont be able to pick up our broadcasts on your normal house radio sets, though you can now buy a radio from shops like Currys, Maplin etc to hear our broadcasts on.
You can pick us up now though on your internet with the link I have put below this message, I am certain you will like it, we are getting lots of people calling us for details since I put the message on Street site last night, 99% love it.
Enjoy it, it's for you, and I hope you look at our site soon for more details.
Nat Bocking
Er, if it's streaming it's not exactly 'radio' is it? But well done for setting up a hyper-local news media. There's no just reason Murdoch, Archant and other media corporations should have a monopoly.
David C
Great news I will be sure to listen in.
 Hey nat do a google search for internet radio, you will be sure to find 1000s of internet "radio" stations Ok it isn't exactly broadcast over the radio waves, but it is a good a name as any.
David W inactive
Hi David got major problem with sounds its not coming from people's PC speakers very loud when they listen when we are live with top right button, even I can't hardly hear on my laptop in another room, any ideas?
Discodaddy D
will be caused by the stream line you are broadcasting thru

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