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No cardboard in the wheelie bin

After our latest wheelie bin collection, we were left a new adhesive list of what we can & can't put in the bin, & the things we can't put in now include cardboard & egg boxes! I rang the council to see what to do now with these items & was told that South Moulton will be delivering bags to put the cardboard in, & she thought this would be in early April! Talk about putting the cart before the horse-honestly.


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Ken A
The mind boggles! Totally agree with Beverly. I sometimes wonder whether the recycling team are on the same planet. Atleast you have had the benefit of a new adhesive list because there wasn't one left for me. Maybe it blew away in the gentle sea breezes which sometimes might happen around here,particularly if you live near the coast.

Maybe it's time for a wheelie protest!! How about two or three hundred of us wheeling our bins to Torridge's H.Q.?
Dave B
it was in last weeks gazzette that south molton re-cycling would be taking over the cardboard collection via brown bags in april. This has been done by North Devon District Council for at least 3 years
Susy C
Well we dont have wheelie bins and havent received any new list but I did hear about the brown bags for cardboard.  I always leave my cardboard seperate well only the bigger stuff so it will be good that I can put the smaller stuff in as well if they are going to recycle it all.  Its about time they caught up with other counties and countries in this.  Wish there was a better system than black bags for the other rubbish.
Dave B
i totally agree with you Susy about the black bags and it is about time we had wheelie bins for household rubbish
Susy C
If we were supplied with wheelie bins in my area it would be impractical as I couldnt wheel them up and down my steps to get them on to the kerbside and there is not much kerbside to put them on.  It would make it dangerous for pedestrians and we pedestrians are thought of too little as it is.  I dont want it made worse. 
Douglas B
Oh good, brown bags, more for Joe Public to do.  Already we are doing voluntry work on behalf of our estemed council in that we spend time separating rubbish and using additional space to store it.  As for all the plastic food trays they won't collect we either send it to land fill or burn our fuel and spend our time taking it to the recycling centres (privatised of course).  While those in charge pick up their six figure salaries (that last bit is just a rumour I hear) we get another bag to blow away in the gentle coastal zephyrs and to take up more space under cover in the fortnight between collections.  There is no space for a car in my garage any more - it's full of stored rubbish.  Exactly what are we paying these bloated council tax bills for?  Don't tell me about swimming pools and street lamps. 
Rant over.
Dave B
Hi Douglas  i understand it that the brown bags will be emptied weekly as with the green bag and box
Alan R
As a resident of a non-wheelie-bin area, I have THREE items of interest to the
South Molton people - a green plastic bag, a beige plastic bag and a green
box. All are emptied on a weekly basis if left by my property boundary - and
then they are ready for next time. Unacceptable items are left with the bags
and box - presumably for transfer to the separate black bag collection. So far
only an egg-box has been declined - it seems not to fit within the definition
of card-board. However cereal boxes etc are collected in the beige bag.

I take plastics and tetra-paks to the Farm Road recycling centre about every
three months or so but where possible I use the SMR kerbside recycling as
this gives the recycling credits to Torridge DC rather than to the county council.

I am still using Black bags that I acquired nearly fifteen years ago when I
lived in Herefordshire. Each bag for residual waste lasts for three or four
months and so fifty-two last for years!
John B inactive
Yep, so cardboard can only go in black bags until south molton deliver the new bags in april...thought they were trying to increase recycling rates...
Beverly M
Well I spoke to a South Moulton man yesterday as he was emptying the green boxes & he said we can continue to use the wheelie bins for cardboard until April 1! Oh it's all so straightforward! lol
john W
Quite often we have large pieces of cardboard - from big boxes, acquired one way or another, which can be folded and pushed into a wheelie bin.  The brown bags I have seen are much smaller, and I am wondering if large pieces of  cardboard can be left at the kerbside (wind permitting) with the brown bag and its little bits of cardboard perched symbolically on top.  Otherwise, cutting/tearing up strong cardboard boxes is no joke.

Personally, I have no objection to doing a bit of sorting myself - we are all part of the community, and the more we can do individually to increase its sustainability, the better.  But I do get a bit confused as to just which plastics can and cannot go in the green box.  It seems the Caddsdown recycling centre can take a much wider range of plastics than can South Molton Recycling.

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