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Restart Party At Belsize Community Library:Sat Dec 15,

WHEN Saturday December 15th 

TIME: 2pm – 5pm 

WHERE: Belsize Community Library, 
                 Antrim Grove, 
                 London NW3 4XN 

Join us for 3 hours of fun troubleshooting and FREE self-repair of your computers, mobiles, printers and all other electronic gadgets. 
We try our best to help you give a second life to products at risk of ending up in the recycle bin. 
Come and share skills, learn or just enjoy meeting up with new people.


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Samantha G
I have a HP laptop and the keyboard has broken so when I press the keys nothing happens. I've tried local repair people who have suggested PC World! Is this something that the restart people might be able to fix?
Jenny L
This sounds really good, does it include installing free software and Ubuntu Linux?
Jenny L
sorry I can't come this time but have subscribed to your newsletter, thanks for posting this!
Hi Samanatha If you wanted to bring it the event the Restart people will certainly have a look at it,they can't guaranteed that they can fix it as they are simply people who try to repair things and help others to do so aswell. if they can.If you are happy to bring it along on that basis  and on the understanding that they will dot heir best but can not offer any guarantees.It is certainly worth a try.
Hi Jenny L

Just to clarify i'm not directly involved with Restart .I help them advertise and promote their events 
aI have been to a few of their Restart parties and think what they are doing is great.
In terms of whether it include installing free software and Ubuntu Linux it's mainly for fixing things that
aren't working. 

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