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Springfield Development proposals

Are you aware that the developers are back and have re-submitted plans for 839 units to be built on the Springfield site? This will mean disruption during the building, loss of green space and golf club, overstretched resources such as transport, schooling and community benefits.. Information, resources and downloadable objection letters are at Application No 2010/3703. Comments and objections must be received by the planning department by 1 November 2010.


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I am very concerned about losing the golf course. It is a public course which enables local people tolearn and play at a relatively low cost. it is very well used and is wonderful use of green space. the birds love it! DD


I agree and have lodged my thoughts with the local MP Sadiq Khan. As many people as possible should protest against losing this green space and one of the few low cost places to play golf in the central london area.

Ed S

I too am livid that this precious resource (public golf course in the heart of the city) is due to disappear if the plans go ahead, so would urge everyone who has played there, or would like to go there in future, to lodge objections by 1 November.

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