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Exmouth Town Council/East Devon District Council....

Just read on Exmouth Journal Website about some old people's home in the Avenues...

"Exmouth Town Council, which also objected to the care home, says the flats plan would be overdevelopment, would overlook neighbouring properties, would be against the avenues design statement, would be excessively high, and would put extra pressure on overstretched sewerage systems."

Couldnt the same/similar be said for the Elizabeth Hall Argument? Couldn't an argument such as 'design statement' (especially this) or something a poor excuse as 'pressure on sewerage systems' be applied here? And overdevelopment - A characterless, carbon-copy, vanilla, unimaginative, Hotel in a space with such character and history. Such modernism is not appropriate in that certain space without redevelopment of the whole area. And that's not going to happen. 

And what attraction is a Hotel such as this which is littered up every Motorway and Airport to a Holiday-Maker to choose Exmouth as a destination? Something else has to be here that brings people to the area. The idea of a Hotel has no clarity unless one of the reasons includes stupidity, lack of care, clarity, or the following symbol. £.  

Im not local government expert - Im not sure which councils argee/disagree to the Hotel on the beach but those who agree with a Hotel need more intrinsic creativity, and desire to make such a great opportunity that is Exmouth Beach a far better magnet to others than deleting local history for a couple o'bob.

Make better use of it, move it brick-by-brick, refurbish it, expand it, add a building with similar design to its green area infront (Sorry Car-booters ;) ), or a whopping great big Vegas-style Fountain in the shape of a Fossil or the Exe that has water and light shooting out of the floor in there, but for goodness sake. Not a Hotel. On second thoughts a whopping great big fountain seems an attractive idea - especially in the Summer. Cool for Kids, and aesthetically pleasing for Adults, and nice place for Silver Surfers to eat their 99's. Ahh, picturesque. And if its unique enough, more people will fill the currently non-full Hotels on the Beach AND you'll get more day visitors. You see - 10 Seconds that took me. You want ideas!? ...Come to me! haha!

There is a thread here for 'what is an Exmouthian' - The Elizabeth Hall, no matter how cheekily small, poor fitting and cheesey its appeal is - IS itself an Exmouthian. We have a good reputation in this area for looking after old people, and the Hall is the same, and requires an equal amount of respect as an elderly building.

...Just a thought, ey.


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Well said Steve, if you ask me it is All about money!! I agree with everything you say, but, wait for it now others wont. Yes, Elizabeth Hall IS Exmouth but, that word seems to be a sore point with some on here!
Nick M
Another thought - how many of these Councillors are from Exmouth?  I bet those that are are in the minority! :-(
Yes, you could be right, not many i dont suppose Nick, & if so, are they really bothered if Our Seafront gets spoilt with this proposed Hotel - NO of course there not!!
.... or is it that some of the councillors live in The Avenues?
Nick M
...or don't want competition for their own, or their relatives', care homes?
That's about right!
Phillip C
what i want to know is.....who votes for the eddc.....cos its not me !
Ann C
maybe we should all have a sit in when they try and demoloish eliazabeth hall
Nick M
I'm all for that but, sadly, they'd have you arrested - and you may well get a criminal record! :-(
Steve D
Wow. Thanks guys for your thoughts : )

Doonebabe, Nick, Phillip, and Viv - You all make good points :)

Haha! Ann! your enthusiasim knows no bounds, even that of law and order.

But I think its criminal to sit back and let this place get lost to history, and its criminal not to do anything about it.

Ok - I give each of you £200,000 (metaphorically) what would you do with that area?
Nick M
Hi Steve,
                I think that I would restore it to its original glory and put a garden where the car park is now.  That way, local people could use it for local events and for events to attract the tourists.  The car booters cold perhaps become table-top sellers so they would not be frozen out.
If we could all pool the money, perhaps we could put an aquarium back there to replace the one we lost.
Phillip C
i still want to know ...who votes the eddc into power.......who votes for them ????
Nick M
...who votes the eddc into power.......who votes for them ???? 
Everybody who votes in the local elections - and more importantly, those who, by not bothering to vote, allow others to make their decisions for them.
It should be compulsory to vote, as it is in Australia.  People died to get us all the right to vote and it is shameful that so many don't bother nowadays.
If, at the time of an election, there are really no candidates for whom someone wants to vote, then that person should go to the polling booth and mark their ballot paper "None of the Above."  People who don't vote don't have the right to complain about that which the council/government/Police Commissioner is doing.
I completely agree with you, Nick! In the past I've been Presiding Officer at elections and been present at the count. At the time, I really couldn't understand why so many people deliberately "spoil" a ballot paper. Now I realise that it's virtually the only way of showing that they're wanting to cast a vote, but can't bring themselves to make a mark against any of the candidates. I know how they feel!
John S
Must say I think Elizabeth Hall is a bit of an eyesore. The car boot sale looks dreadful on what is one of our greatest assets, the esplanade. Guess we all have opinions but I think a well done hotel would be better.
Steve D
Im sorry John, as much as I agree with you about the car boot sale, a Hotel is simply inapropriate. The Hotel would be new and shiny for a while, but take a look at the 'New' Hotels that may have been built even 15-20 years ago. Looking already dated, and I would say more of an eyesore than a boot sale. Please, define your reasoning for a Hotel. And, if you can, what else would you put there if you had the opportunity. Im not against redevelopment in a way, but a Hotel is an awful idea. In the long-term it would be one tiny step (half-step) forward, and about four steps back.
I agree with your comments Steve. It will be interesting to know what preference John has, if he had the opportunity rather than a Premier Inn. I am not against re-development @ all as long as it is in- keeping with the surrounding area & is not an 'eyesore' & looks 'out of place' which a Premier Inn pub would certainly do & would spoil the whole entirety of Our Lovely Seafront.
According to, which is the masterplan  for Exmouth, the new building will be :-

"an iconic landmark building of exceptional architectural quality , distinct to Exmouth seafront and visible from along the Esplanade and the beach, acting as a signpost to the town centre". 

It's dated May 2011 so this must have been on the cards for a while. It doesn't sound like any Premier Inn that I've ever seen. Hmmmm
Phillip C
if the eddc are really set on a premier inn......why not sell them their h.q.......nice building set amongst trees with grass land around...and ready made parking.......then they can leave us along to look after out own town !
Rosemary O
I still think it is quite mad that the money to build an unwanted cafe on the Strand could be found, but not the money to refurbish Elizabeth Hall -  or even to rebuild it for community use.  I know there are 'pots' for this and 'pots' for that, but at the end of the day it is OUR taxes which fill the pots, it just seems we have no infulence over moving money from one pot to another when it is common sense to do so.  Crazy!
Ann C
love ur idea steve d i would pool the money  and i agree about the aquaruim now that would be nice for locals and holidaymakers everyone would benefit from that
Nick M
Rosemary- what's disgusting about the Strand café plan is that Council money (OUR money) is to be used to set up a premises that is going to take away trade from the existing traders.  If somebody wants to compete, let them do what all the others did and find and fund their own property.
Still nobody has said how it can be ethical, if not legal, for the same agent to act for both the Council AND Whitbread in the sale of Elizabeth Hall, nor what the esteemed EDDC is going to do with the profits.  Probably cut down the rest of the trees in The Strand :-(

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