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Exmouth Town Council/East Devon District Council....

Steve D in Exmouth
Just read on Exmouth Journal Website about some old people's home in the Avenues...

"Exmouth Town Council, which also objected to the care home, says the flats plan would be overdevelopment, would overlook neighbouring properties, would be against the avenues design statement, would be excessively high, and would put extra pressure on overstretched sewerage systems."

Couldnt the same/similar be said for the Elizabeth Hall Argument? Couldn't an argument such as 'design statement' (especially this) or something a poor excuse as 'pressure on sewerage systems' be applied here? And overdevelopment - A characterless, carbon-copy, vanilla, unimaginative, Hotel in a space with such character and history. Such modernism is not appropriate in that certain space without redevelopment of the whole area. And that's not going to happen. 

And what attraction is a Hotel such as this which is littered up every Motorway and Airport to a Holiday-Maker to choose Exmouth as a destination? Something else has to be here that brings people to the area. The idea of a Hotel has no clarity unless one of the reasons includes stupidity, lack of care, clarity, or the following symbol. £.  

Im not local government expert - Im not sure which councils argee/disagree to the Hotel on the beach but those who agree with a Hotel need more intrinsic creativity, and desire to make such a great opportunity that is Exmouth Beach a far better magnet to others than deleting local history for a couple o'bob.

Make better use of it, move it brick-by-brick, refurbish it, expand it, add a building with similar design to its green area infront (Sorry Car-booters ;) ), or a whopping great big Vegas-style Fountain in the shape of a Fossil or the Exe that has water and light shooting out of the floor in there, but for goodness sake. Not a Hotel. On second thoughts a whopping great big fountain seems an attractive idea - especially in the Summer. Cool for Kids, and aesthetically pleasing for Adults, and nice place for Silver Surfers to eat their 99's. Ahh, picturesque. And if its unique enough, more people will fill the currently non-full Hotels on the Beach AND you'll get more day visitors. You see - 10 Seconds that took me. You want ideas!? ...Come to me! haha!

There is a thread here for 'what is an Exmouthian' - The Elizabeth Hall, no matter how cheekily small, poor fitting and cheesey its appeal is - IS itself an Exmouthian. We have a good reputation in this area for looking after old people, and the Hall is the same, and requires an equal amount of respect as an elderly building.

...Just a thought, ey.

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