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Photo printing

Does anyone know where I can get my digital photgraphs printed now that Jessops has closed? We looked at Boots, but they are very expensive and only do glossy prints (we like matt)


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June P

   hello  if you ring Keith at KAS    he owns the comuuter place    he is so helpfull

 and he knows so much and price  is not bad either   his phone no is

              01502  51 99 00     nothing is to mch trouble for him and  will come out to you
   its nice to meet someone like him     moblei think is

      077 059 3885      even the people in the shop are helpfull

    hope this helps          june

Angela F
Morrison super store in Pakefield is another place you can get them printed, they have been helpful as well.
Julie H
You can get them done for a good price online. I use  Usually you get about 40 free prints on your first order.
Jean S
I've had quite a few done in Morrison also Asda do them
Wendy B
Thank you to everyone who replied. Very helpful. Will try Morrisons first.
I usually use Asda. Quick and cheap

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