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Bad TV Reception

Is anyone else suffering with bad TV reception in our area?  Our bedroom TV which uses a set top box gradually lost all the channels, so we replaced the set top box but the problem is exactly the same.  We have 2 bedroom TVs both with set top boxes and both with the same problem.  Our main
TV has Freeview built in and this is generally ok but does suffer from the occasional blip with the signal.  As they are all connected to the same ariel booster and indoor ariel, we can't work out where the problem is but we do have concerns about the quality of the signal.
Any suggestions or advice?


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Maureen W
Regarding a comment by Sally N on TV reception in Beer  -  My reception is OK, but I wish we could get more channels.  We are restricted to the few channels that are boosted by the ariel in Stovar Long Lane and I often wish we could receive Channel 10 as the old repeats often look more appealing than the rubbish on the main channels.  Does anyone know how we can register a complaint about this, to try to get a few more Channels.
Paul H
As our mast is so close ( stockland ) signal issues are rarely to blame. Have you checked all connections, incl. booster ( sometimes not necessary in east devon ) and made sure aerial is correctly aligned. Do an auto installation again.... Oh, ps, what make / age are your digiboxes? Paul / helping hands Axminster.
Sally N
Thanks for the advice, Paul.  The digibox is brand new and the main tv with built-in freeview is only about 1 year old.  My husband has checked the connections and booster (which we do seem to need even though we can see the Stockland mast so clearly from our house, but we are down in a dip here).  I'll show him your suggestions and see if he fancies clambering about in the loft again while he's putting the Xmas decoration boxes back in there.  It does seem as if this is a problem only for us and not generally for the area so that helps to narrow it down, in a way.
Paul H
Merry christmas sally.. Another suggestion would be to run a cable from the loft aerial output ( i.e. at source ) direct to the back of the TV, all you need is a long length of cable and two male ends.. you can even take the main TV upstairs underneath the hatch if your cable isn't long enough... RESULT? If you get good reception / picture this way, then the problem may lie between the aerial and the wall plate that you are plugging the TV's into... sometimes, old cables in the walls / conduit do perish and decay... best wishes

Paul H

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