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Sidmouth College

The weather forecast was rain why did Sidmouth College allow pupils to leave around 12.30 p.m.  One pupil needed to get to Sidbury.   The student was telling a friend of mine that the road was closed and  did not know how   to get home.  The student would have been better staying in the warm.

 I can understand the coaches want to leave early just in case, but pupils who may have to walk from college to Sidbury,  no buses at this time were going to Sidbury - stopping at Sidford..  Surely they would be better off at the College.  If it were my munchkin I would have been worried sick walking that distance - no pavement on part of route to Sidbury.


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Anne V inactive
Sidmouth College never been a paradigm of pastoral care.  This is one more black mark.  Hope the new management sort that out.
Sidmouth Seagull inactive
Does it take an accident/incident to make schools realise they would be better in schools?

The weather forecast was turning to rain later.
Charles d F
Not to be outdone,our hard working EDDC employees were sent home at 15 00hrs! This would enable them to get home safely before dark!!! Sunset was two hours later; how many actually face a two hour journey?
Sidmouth Seagull inactive
The roads were bad mid day - in the afternoon the rain cleared away most of the snow and the roads to Seaton and Honiton/Sidbury were re-opened in the afternoon.

I still think students who can't get home are better remaining on school premises than walking home long distances, without a pavement on snow.
I would have thought the school had a 'duty of care' to the students.

Not good role models.
Anne V inactive
You are right, it's called in loco parentis.  

However, I seem to remember that pupils who would have to wait for a bus to get home were invited to stay at the school, two years ago -but not many wanted to pass on the opportunity to get out of there early...  And as it happens, I know a fair few young 'uns from Sidbury who would fit the profile, preferring to risk a hazardous walk to Sidbury; did he actually say he was told to leave school?  

Even from Sidmouth College, that does ring improbable; it only takes a couple of senior teachers staying behind until the students are collected and that is usually what happens.

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