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Parking in Thorney Road

Is anyone else having a problem with the number of cars parking in Thorney Road near the junction with The Street? I'm guessing the drivers are visiting the dentist, but it just seems to have got a lot worse recently. It can only be a matter of time before there is an accident. Any ideas?


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Parish Clerk
Unfortunately this is something that has been on-going for quite a while.
I have reported this to the Police to monitor, but without parking restrictions there is little that can be done.
Stephen B
could the Parish Council ask the Suffolk CC to rpovide a short stretch of double yellows near to the junction. I hesitate to suggest this as it woul dbe a bit of a blot on the landscape, but if theres a safety issue then it needs to be considered.
Les B
I agree this is a problem negotiating the chicane here. Unfortunately the nearby layby cannot be extended so I fear we may see the first yellow lines in Capel unless someting else can be done.

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