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swimming clubs

Does anyone know of a pool in costessey where myself and a few other ladies could go for a swim  at a reasonable fee  leisure centres  are too crowded and can entail membership costs.


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I know its not costessey but we go to a private pool in haveringland @ £10 per hour up to a maximum of 6 people, pool is very nice , no deeper than 4ft, has a shower, changing cubicle and exercise bike
Celia W
If you find somewhere, don't forget me please?  I don't swim well but think it a good idea, a small group of like minded ladies.  Will be in touch soon.  Just had another bad turn last night but okay now.  Hope you enjoyed meeting up as much as I did?  Take care, Celia.
Dawn R
Hi, me and my husband go to Wentworth Pool in Norwich - . Wonderful swimming pool, can have up to 8 people per swim. Highly recommend it
Alex M
If you look on the notice board at the post office and shop in West End Old Cossey, there is a notice for a private swimming pool in Cossey, its been hiring out for a few years. Sounds just what your'e looking for.

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