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Skill to share: Keeping fit while out in the garden!

Just to let you know that I'm happy to offer my skills in Keeping fit while out in the garden! to help my neighbours out.


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S here
Pity we haven't got someone with a bit of  go in them at the Bramford lane allotment someone did try and organise a programme of things last year (but was shouted down by  the committee), to do  things to encourage people to look after their plots which did include keeping fit but nothing was done now most of the field look a mess and most plot holders are disappointed at the way the field is run
Mark H inactive
i agree with you .  we have an allotment at bramford lane , some of the allotments are a mess,  we had one for the first time in april last year  we got it under control and looked nice, our shed  was broken into twice , took all our hand tools and an old lawn mower. and gas stove , even took the sugar , ,   ,we knew it was impossible to catch the criminals ,and someone took our rhubarb  and sweetcorn and our tomotoes   not happy time at the allotment.  so were giving it up  the allotment in april, .  ,but will miss the exercise . why do people spoil it for others
S here
Don't give up your allotment for the sake of a few hopefully someone with some go in them will improve the field in the mean time get pally with a few allotments holders around you and creat your own
Morland Road allotments are fab - there is a really good community of people there.  There are break ins but everybody always helps each other out with anything they might need.

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