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Burglary, Heaton Grange Area

Laura G in Chadwell Heath
Hello all, I wonder if you would be kind enough to share the below message please?

Our Mum and Dad's property was burgled whilst they were away between Christmas and the afternoon of 6th Jan 2013. Our family home was completely ransacked and many many items are missing. Our Dad had a cardiac arrest shortly after discovering the break in and died.

The incident occured in the HEATON GRANGE area of ROMFORD. We have reason to believe that the property was accessed at 0:30hrs on Wednesday 2nd January 2013 and again at 3.00am on that date. The property would have remained accessible until Sunday 6th January 2013 and it is possible that return visits may have been made during that period.

... Items missing include a Passport and bank cards in the name of Raymond Grinyer. Many items of jewellery were taken including our Mum's 60th Wedding Anniversary Eternity ring (pictured) . Also an older style very large vodka bottle (pictured) which was full of 20p pieces - this weighed about 2 stone and both these items would be easily recognisable.

If you have any information or can help us in any way whatsoever, however small or insignificant you feel it may be, please call Romford Police. The investigating officer is PC Paterson collar no. 408KU email re incident no. 4393/6 January 2013.

Alternatively, ring 01708 779117 and give information on Crime/Incident no. 5400303/13. This incident is now being treated as more than a burglary.

We appeal to our facebook friends to HIT SHARE and help us pursue justice for our Dad so that he may rest in the knowledge justice has been done. We would be particularly grateful for the word to be spread in and around the Harold Hill/Collier Row, and extended Essex area.

Please please SHARE. Thank you for your support.
The Grinyer Family

I have included the Facebook link below  which includes the photographs - I'll try to upload this here later.  We know this is a long shot but it can't hurt, right?

Many thanks in advance.

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