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Social walk~Sunday 6th Jan 2013

Hi there, anyone fancy a social walk into Lowestoft next Sunday and eat at the Iconic bar? No roast dinners but I hear they do lovely food and the price is very reasonable.


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The only problem with the Iconic Bar is that they've made it inaccessible to wheelchairs.
I haven't been in there yet. They should have wheelchair access under the Disability Discrimination Act.
lizzie s
hi su would like to know where you are starting from and what is the iconic bar.  this is sunday the 6th ?
Hi Lizzie, the Iconic bar is a bar where you can eat and drink and is on the sea front by Notleys [just along from the tourist board].

Hope to walk there this Sunday and stop there for lunch [which I hear is reasonably priced].

I will give out times and where we can meet once I know how many are interested in coming and where they will be walking from. Su
Linda H
Hi Su, I have only just joined Streetlife, and would be very interested in joining your group for a walk. Please let me know details, and will see you there.
Jeni H
hi s u i'm new to streetlife too - can i join u on the walk on Sunday? look forward to hearing from u about where and when to meet up,thanks
Hi there, if you are interested in a social walk into Lowestoft next Sunday and eat at the Iconic bar please send me a provate message to let me know which area you live in, then I can post on here which areas people will be walking from [and where to meet]. I will then post details on here on Saturady.

Hi there, arrangements for tomorrow's walk to the Iconic bar where we will chat and have lunch.

Meet by the skate park in Normanston Park at 11am. For those who can't make Normanston Park we

will meet you by the toursit information place, by the water fountains, in Lowestoft between 11.45-12 noon.

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow, Su

John R
hi Su , will see you at the skate park tomorrow  !
Sheila C
c u in morning, 4cast looks ok
Jeni H
Hi Su and everyone else for the walk tomorrow.  i'll aim to meet you at the skate park in Normanston Park at 11.  
Although I do live south of carlton colville, i don't mind driving to Normanston park and meeting up for the walk with you all to the sea front.  So hope to see you tomorrow morning,

Thanks to everyone who came on the walk today. I really enjoyed it and I hope you did too!

Next walk/meal will be on Sun 27th Jan. We will be meeting in Normanston Park and walking through the park to Oulton Broad, over the bridge and into Oulton Broad South, eating at Broadlands Social Club.


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