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land at the back of salisbury.

just been to a council meeting never been treated with so much contempt we had a good turn out and they were so rude to us , wouldn;t let us put our point of view are they hiding something ??????


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corrupt thats the issue so many people tn position of servitude forget they are there to serve the people
David K
You need to get in contact with you might just learn a few things about our council present & past the gentleman who runs saveourport will be very helpfull
peter c
Any worthwhile discussion and the gleaning of meaningful facts from the public was stiffled by Councillor Holmes proposing a motion to send the plans to Cabinet - and who propmptly seconded the motion? - none other than our own councillor for Yarmouth North - Charles Marsden
Linda G
Councillor Marsden was so rude to us when we approach him at the back of our house.Think he trying to feather his own nest.
Linda G
We have good support and are going to get our own committee together with people who are genuine
David K
Linda GLinda you need to start reading the comments on save our port or Outer Harbour about councillors including NCC councillors where a large chunck of our rate payers money goes to
Roger K
With so many people playing the NIMBY card over access to the Outer Harbour as well as the real need for commercial confidentiality in such matters sometimes things do have to be kept under wraps for EVERYONES benefit.

Accusing Marsden of "trying to feather his own nest" on a public forum could, and to my mind SHOULD reult in charges being brought. 

If anyone wrote anything similar about me they would find themselves in very hot water in very short order.
Lawrence M
to linda g
i have asked said councillor, to tidy all of newtown resurface roads clean drains etc but all promises from our public servants are like mcvitie spiecrusts easily crumbled.
i also lobbyied leader of the council with same effect dont give up write via local press and brandon lewis
if all else fails withhold poll tax payments tell your story in court
i support your campaign stay with it and dontGIVE UP good luck
Roger K
It's  just possible  that there might be more pressing needs for scarce public funds to be spent on than tidying up your neck of the woods.
David K
Maybe the money that was spent on Tablets & I pads for the Councillors would have been better spent doing something like tidying up parts of certain areas.
John F
why cant  husbands and wives councillors share the tablets and i pads to save money. also i see on the mayors dairy page on the council website the mayor had a night out and dinner onboard  HMS dauntless at southampton the other week, i`m sure she did not use public transport to get there or stay in a budget hotel or go on her own.
Keith P
The council cant find any money to refurbish the winter gardens but they have managed to find millions to refurbish their own "glass palace". We have lived in this area for over 20 years and the town hall has had money spent on it , every year, for the whole of that time. Local councils are even more greedy and corrupt than central government, most of their decisions are made at the freemasons lodge in Yarmouth, out of sight of "ordinary people". Councillors only act in their own self interest or that of their "brothers"
David K
Keith P
I have been down here 27 years and I totally agree with you plus I know a few of them and I would not give them the smell of my sh**
Mark Llewellyn

Local Government Ombudsman

If you are not happy with our response you may wish to contact the Local Government Ombudsman who investigates complaints of maladministration against local councils.

You can contact the LGO advice team at:
Local Government Ombudsman
PO Box 4771
Tel: 0300 061 0614 or 0845 602 1983 (Mon-Fri 8.30am – 5pm)
Text: ‘call back’ to: 0762 480 4299

John D
Keith P & David K.
I totally agree with Mark Llewellyn in regards to making a complaint to the LGO. The problem is that I would imagine that you would have to have solid proof that there has been maladministration by Councillors or you would leave yourself wide open to being sued for defamation. I have been on many groups over the years with many Councillors and other Residents and I have found that the majority of them have been very open and as honest as they can be with us, but you always get the odd arrogant one or two that don't really care about the people of this town. But they are very few and far between in my experience. 
As for the Town Hall refurbishment, I believe that a lot of the many for that came from outside, ie: the Heritage Lottery Fund and other sources. I believe that the Town Hall is a listed building so the Council are obliged to fund part of the cost. This is standard practice with a lot of listed buildings I believe. If I am right then they have to find the money for it regardless. 
And Keith P there is no need to be so offensive in your post. I suggest that you get to know a few of the local Councillors before judging any of them. 
David K
John D
A lot of places in Gorleston are listed and heritage property and I have not seen the council spend any money on them and the people who applied to the Heritage council for funding which was allocated for the area have been turned down because it had been spent in Great Yarmouth  .
Keith P
John D  The Winter gardens is a listed building, but the council will not fund its restoration. As for my being "offensive" I make no apologies for my comments, most of our councilors are freemasons, and such secret societies have no place in a democracy. My local council representative is Bertie Collins who I have met and found him to be arrogant and rude, he represents a ward in Gorleston even though he lives in Yarmouth. In the last local elections he won his seat by a mere 53 votes over Ukip. Hopefully he will be removed permanently next time. 
David W
Dear All - from my personal experience there is little point with putting a complaint into the LGO because they are effectively toothless.  The problem is that what one person perceives as maladministration can easily be defended by any councillor or council committee.  I do agree that many councillors are arrogant and rude, are unrepresentative of the communities they represent because they don't live there, and in the many cases lack any form of commercial or professional savvy and this is reflected in their decision-making.  Roll on January 2013!
David K
Keith P
I have met the same gentleman a few times and agree with you plus there is another councillar I know who is good friends with the said gentleman and both belong to the Masons and this other councillar can be just as bad.
No counciller should be able to represent any ward unless they live in that ward that way they have a 100% hands on and know what is going on at all times
Penny L
The land off Salisbury Road has now been to Cabinet and their recommendation
Is that the residents are to be consulted for their views.
Roger K


Who's been “Black Balled”  then!

David W
Penny L - Call me a cynic but isn't the term, "residents are to be consulted for their views" local government speak (especially in respect of GYBC) a method by which higher marks are scored during National Audit Office audits of a council.  In reality it is likely that the decision has already been made and but the authority is going through the facade of public engagement.
Penny L
David, you invited me to call you a cynic, you are a cynic.
David W
Penny - but I'm also a realist!
Lawrence M
thanks mark l for that info i will write after the festivities, and will post any comments as i believe newtown is getting a raw deal re genral upkeep of the area ,
anyone agree the road from bottom of euston road to the holkham hotel is disastrous all cobblestones dislodged and great big potholes great for residents 
driving, roll on spring visitors arrive =work in progress

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