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Trimley St martin Mains burst

It's still going on!
We have to go to Ipswich (Seven Hills) to get in to Felixstowe and all the oldies coming down the old Felixstowe old because they don't like the A14 are having to go back to Seven Hill and use the A14. 

At least we have out water back.


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Mike F
According to a traffic bulleting I heard while driving yesterday it said that there was a foot of water by The Sausage Shop. True?
Christine B
my daughter told me the problem is that the leak washed out alot of soil so when workmen came to mend main they found a hollow great cavern under the road which needs to be filled in or otherwise the traffic will sink
Andy T
Yes i read that it was due to water related subsidence. Im not sure they need to put quite so many diversion signs out though, it looks like some sort of quarantine/disaster zone at the moment.
Richard M
Imagine what it will be like when they start the Walton Green/Tesco development, if they ever do!
Christine B
its bad enough some days while they building this acadamy trying to go to dear daughters in trimley

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