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Vauxhall Bridge

Work has started on Vauxhall Bridge.


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Trevor A
Could have happened years ago if Asda had not been hassled by our council,but is tarting it up enough? Could it not be raised a metre to help navigation?
Pam D
Went to Asda late the other night and they were still working away under the bridge doing the repairs, they were still there when we came back over the bridge about an hour later. Hopefully the bridge will look better when its de-rusted (maybe) and painted (not sure about the murals though). They will need to replace the some of the boards and/or re-tarmac over the top of them, newly painted etc and a grotty walkway wouldn't look too good.

To raise the bridge they would have to dismantle it for safety reasons and then put it back together, that would be too costly.
Roger K
One small point - the security shuttering obstructs the view of the start of the zebra crossing and means that drivers have to take extra care because of this.  So do pedestrians who can't see vehicles coming into Asda car park as they reach the GY end of the crossing.  It wouldn't take much thinking to replace the shuttering with mesh fenceing so that there is no visible obstruction.  As it is it's a REAL H & S hazard.
Mark Llewellyn
I will have a look today, and speak to the project manager, I work as a community development worker for the Fair Share trust, the main funder.
Richard L
I think one of the conditions on the planning permission for the Premier Inn is to provide funding "of up to £10,000" towards the redevelopment of Vauxhall Bridge. I believe the current work is just one span si thia funding could allow some more work to be carried out
Trevor A
Fair point Roger, I have noticed the same problem with the shuttering and perhaps some improvement to the light at that point.
Mark Llewellyn
Hi Richard L
No there is no arrangment for Prem in to provide £10k for the Bridge, there are plans for the rest of the bridge Phase 2, and we are working on ways to fund this. there is a Community group called Vauxhall Links that are doing lots of work in the Area, not just to the bridge but also the Station and Blue Sky Walk.
if you are interested in joining this group let me know, i work as the Community Development Worker for the area supporting groups and projects.
Roger K
I have spoken to the project management and they will look at the fencing, let me know of any further issues.
Pam D
Mark, I think you need to look at the article in the Great Yarmouth Mercury (on-line) on Premier building their hotel, there's a paragraph that states "Plans are also subject to the condition that the applicants - Heritage Developments - contribute up to £10,000 towards the redevelopment of Vauxhall Bridge"
Mark Llewellyn
I have look at the Mercury and made enquiries, the money from the Premier inn would be used in phase 2 of the project the work bing done at the moment is for phase 1(the Eastern span).
Pam D
Mark, can you tell us exactly what is happening to the bridge?

What is being and going to be done in Stage 1 and what is Stage 2.

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