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Wreath making


I am a member of a local WI and we are hoping to have a wreath making class at our December members meeting for some festive cheer (guests are always welcome by the way!)

Can anyone recommend any local wreath making classes or know anyone who could lead an informal session on the basics of wreath making?




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Maureen D
I wanted to come to this Mondays meeting but couldn't make it.
When and where is the next one please?
Thank you

I'm interested in the local WI too.  Can you tell me when, where and what time you meet?

Laura D
Hi - well we are the Alexandra WI and we meet on the first Tuesday of every month at the CUFOS centre at Ally Pally at 8pm. Our next meeting will be Tuesday 4 December and as I said we are hoping to do some christmas crafts (along with some mulled wine and mince pies!) so we would love you to come along!

If you want to find out more then have a look at our website or feel free to ask me any questions:

Hope to see you at our next meeting


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