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Potholes and Norwich City Council

For many years now, I nearly always report any potholes that I have seen when I am out and about, I feel it is my duty as a good citizen to hopefully help prevent accidents and damage to vehicles.
Now I must say that in the past the vast majority of these potholes have usually been repaired within a day or two, until recently. 
The potholes within the Norwich City Boundary which are the responsibility of the city council are no longer getting repaired, they seem to be going weeks and nothing is getting done, unlike the ones outside the city boundary which are being repaired by Norfolk County Council and are usually being done within 48 hours. 
So what is going on within Norwich City Council? Why are they again failing to keep up to their service levels? 
This is just not good enough, what do you think?  


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Janet K
Could be budget, it is getting towards the end of the financial year perhaps the pot is empty. There has been one on the flyover for several weeks which is a very deep. It may now be repaired as I have not been that way for a couple of weeks.
Lynda E
Unfortunately, it is the County Council which are responsible for our city roads and pavements.  They don't bother at all - just stash away to build more roads.  It seems ridiculous to have more roads when they can't maintain the roads they have.

We desperately need a Unitary Norwich council - then the one council will be responsible - and accountable - for everything.
Lorna K
lynda  e i thinkyou might find Ciy Council is responsible for city roads etc.

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