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C,V, update

can anyone advise me of a company or person who writes  a c.v , i heard there are company who do this for a fee which is fine but i cant seem to find anyone local,  thankyou


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James M
Give Hunterskill a go, I've heard good things about them.
Sentinel R inactive
I thought they were part of Flair Recruitment who spectacularly stitched up a number of temporary contract staff last year when they lost a major contract. If I am wrong please do correct the error as I'd hate to badmouth a company without justification. If they are part of Flair, and I'm not wrong, don't touch them with a 10' barge pole as their director starts up busineses, trades them to insolvecy and then pops up somewhere else under another name.
James M
I hadn't heard that, maybe don't give them a go then :)
Sentinel R inactive
I may be wrong....may be unrelated! I only know about Flair as I had a lodger who worked for them and who they failed to pay- I think they lost a contract with the Car Auction People in Colchester and or with a delivery company. He got his money in the end but only because he made some fairl clear threats to the guy that ran the company!
Who were those people who had a temporary shop in Tower Ramparts back over Xmas? Sure they were some sort of career guidance people? They may be able to help....Cant remember the name though...anyone?
James M
I've helped people with their CVs in the past, don't mind running my eye over it, msg me if interested.
Contact the job centre and they will give you details of a few places that will update your CV for free. I think one of the companies is based at Felaw Maltings building.

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