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Organic Veg/Produce Boxes

I would like to hear from anyone who knows of a local deliverer of good quality/value organic veg/farm produce boxes to the Whinburgh area please.

Many thanks



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Gemma G
Hi, I live in Dereham and try and use as much organic produce as possible.  However, I have really struggled to find a supplier who delivers organic veg boxes, so I am afraid I have to use the supermarket.  If you are ever near Holt then I really recommend you visit ' Back to the Garden' at Letheringsett as they are an organic farm shop with their own local organic meat, veg etc.  Such a shame we don't have anything like that local to us near Dereham.  I can help you though if you like Organic, British body products as I sell those!
Thanks Gemma
I will visit Back to the Garden.  I had a look at your website - really good!
Gemma G
You're very welcome.  I hope you enjoy your visit to Back to the Garden, they have a lovely restaurant there too!
Sally Brown
It's a bit of a dilemma about what to do for the best
I buy from the market where I find the fruit and veg better quality and more produce is local (not all )
Or I buy from Annema's farm shop in Toftwood where the veg is grown insure to reduce the mileage travelled.
Organically produced is difficult - as a beekeeper I don't use chemicals on my bees but can't call them organise because you can't get organic honey in the UK - bees are always within 3 miles of a road. But I do make natural hand creams and lotions and soaps with my honey and beeswax
So it's a bit of a balance - do you buy organic stuff that's travelled a long way or buy stuff that's not certified organic but only travelled a few miles?
Gemma G
Hi Sally, It's so great that you keep your own bees, especially as they are under threat!  For me, I try and buy as much organic local produce but the main importance for me is to reduce the amount of harsh chemicals that my family put on our bodies and intake through food.  As a family, we only use soil association certified products on our hair and bodies and I have to say these cleared my sons excema up in a week! compared to the emoilents perscribed by my local GP.  In general we try to live as much of a toxic free life as possible!  Its such a shame that there aren't any organic farmers markets local to us.  Great to hear that I am not on my own in Dereham!
Judy R
Try Sam at     Contact  info  Phone    07952 573584   I have his box each week and its lovely!

Judy R
More about Sam.

Garden Farm Produce

 based on a small market garden at Podmore between Gressenhall and Dereham

Description  Garden Farm Produce uses agro-ecological methods to produce crops this means that we manage the ecology of the soil mostly with green manures to maintain fertility and to attract benificial insect to control pests. Weed control is via weeding with hand tools not herbicides.
Sally Brown
Hi Gemma. No you're not on your own. Lol

It has been an eye opener since I started making creams and stuff about what actually goes into them. And some companies that sell on a 'health benefit' point then go on to include parabens in their preservatives.

I use synthetic fragrances though. I researched it before making the decision and discovered that although essential oils are natural, they are also bio active and therefore possibly toxic in certain situations. Synthetic oils are tested to ensure they're benign. But then, of course I check the testing to make sure it's not been cruel to animals. There's no need for that on a cosmetic cream. It isn't easy but I'm getting there.
I make fragrance / colour free stuff too but it doesn't sell as well. People can be very fickle on what they say they want and what they buy.
Sally Brown
Thanks for the details Judy. It sounds just perfect - organic AND local!!
Poor fella will wonder what's happening if we all suddenly start emailing to order stuff LOL
Judy R
He is a very nice helpful guy, shares recipes too :)
Gemma G
Thanks Judy, I will be giving him a call!  Sally, I have just been on your website it all looks amazing.  Is your honey available to buy as I couldn't see it on your website.  All the products I supply are soil asscociation certified organic and made in the UK.  We also have an amazing mineral make up range which is also certified organic, the first in the UK.

I have really enjoyed our conversation!  Just to let you know, I am in contact with a lady at the moment who is looking at setting up a local indoor produce market at northgate high school.  I can pass on her details if you would be interested?
Sally Brown
Hi Gemma

No honey at the moment. There might be some in April whether permitting.
So watch this space. The website shop should be up and running soon. I'm
Just restocking at the moment.
I've chatted on here with the lady looking at setting up a market. She was also looking at the Baptist Church car park.
Heather N

I use Riverford Organic - you will find them on the web.  James Negus is my local deliverer.  The produce is very good
I've just ordered from Sam. He replied to my earlier enquiry saying:
My prices for veg boxes are:small veg £8.50medium veg £12.00large veg £15.00small fruit and veg £11.50medium fruit and veg £14.50large fruit and veg £17.00
Deliveries are on Friday mornings however on the 25th I'll deliver in the afternoon due to being away earlier in the week.
At present I don't have a large quantity or diversity of my own produce to sell due the poor growing year and the fact that everything is under the snow somewhere, and merely finding it can be a challenge. Other local growers are in the same position. I therefore buy in produce for the boxes from other local businesses some of this is local some isn't (the transport network for local produce is mostly non-existent because the volumes are too small) My own produce will become available in quantity from late April.
If this is too much information I prefer people to know in advance than be disappointed or think I've cheated. The produce is still much better than anything in the supermarket regardless of whether it is sold as local and you are still supporting local business.
I am looking forward to a medium veg and fruit box this Friday.
Thank you to everyone for your help!  Best  M-J
Rose C
HI MJK My Husband owns a small courier company based in Dereham,I am not sure if it's you or Sam that mentioned about the transport network for local fruit and veg, (can't quite tell from the conversation) we can deal with smaller quantity's, might be worth a conversation to see if we can help? If it was Sam I can email them. Thanks Rose
Sally Brown
Hello Rose

What's your husband's company details? I'm often in need of a courier service for my products.
Rose C
Hi Sally, the company is East Anglian Courier Services, he mainly deals in transporting restored furniture, items which need looking after that are either to delicate or to valuable to go via a regular service like TNT. The website is Rose
Hi Rose, no it was not me but thank you for asking. MJK

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