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Every Thursday morning  Starting Tommorrow 7th January OPEN TO EVERYBODY Tea, Coffee, Bacon rolls, Cheese scones and Cookies. Come and meet friends for a catch up! We look forward to seeing you here at Castle Hill Community Centre


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James M
Did you mean 7th February?
Jade A
oops yeah i was meant to write Februaury.
Isaac H
Sounds great to me!!
I did go and kept my promiss and met Maureen behind the counter waiting to serve a good cup of coffee. I did meet another guy there and we are meeting up next week for coffee etc, had to leave at 11-15 hope there were others after I left.
May I also mention that I met Anaick in reception she has her origins in France, also a streetlifer  Henry his orignins are in Malta, both of us served in the BAOR.we all had a good old chat I am sure this is what streelife was set up for...for people to talk to each other and get on together, we did find out that us two old fogeys did have a 168yrs between us.
Jade A
Its good to hear that you went to visit the pop up cafe Watchfull. I will be going over myself next week so lets see if we can gather many more streetlifer's to come aswell.
Castle Hill Community Centre
Thanks for your support all of you and yes it will be great to see more people from the community so they can realise that Castle Hill Community Centre is there for them. We have now a new programme and we would love to have more activity groups running for the locals. Hope to hear from you soon.

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