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Kentish Town City Farm turns 40!

This year Kentish Town City Farm turns 40 and there's a must-see exhibitiion highlighting life in the local area (Gospel Oak, Talacre, Kentish Town) over the past decades. There are some fascinating archive photos - you can see how the area has changed and find out how the farm and Talacre were set up by community activists in the 70s. Watch some great short films including Prince Charles visiting the farm in 1976 and skateboarding with the kids at Talacre. Don't miss this free exhbiition which is up till 11 January 2013.


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Louise R
Whe I was a  volunteer in a Camden school we took  the kids to the Kentish Town farm.  Most  of them  had  never seen animal farms  before and all  were petrified // fascinated. My prestige went sky high as I showed  no fear  of ducks,  hens and even  cockerels.  A  8 year-old  boy fell in love with a rabbit and carried it  for three  hours.The animal  quite accepted its fate.  Inevitaby,   it all ended up in tears  but  the child  had  known happiness.  I was  not even  afraid  of  horses and  after a while  children  touched them and survived to boast about it.  A great day  for all.
Jenny L
Louise, shall we go to the farm one day soon? It would make us feel young again!
Louise R
At  the  moment.   celebrating  the  victory  over  ***************    lymphoma  cancer.  What   a  **********  bore  it has been.  Now  vicious after effects  of  ***********chemo.  You can't win !  But  yes  we do. With  that nasty  grey  outside, Jenny,  for me  home,  books, music.  You won't have me gallivanting  in the cold and wet.  Lunch  at  Tapeo,  drinks  here  by all means.  Say when after  Xmas.

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