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Smoking shelters outside hospitals

I cannot believe they are building smoking shelters outside hospitals. There should be absolutely NO SMOKING anywhere near hospitals. I was visiting my Dad and there was even people in their pyjamas and in wheelchairs, smoking. The smell of cigarette smoke was coming in through the doors. Surely that can't be right. What do you think?


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Paul C
It's ridiculous the next thing they will do is open a bar in the foyer for those patients that like a drink I had to collect someone from the foyer the other day & I had to ask smokers to move so that I could get in because there was so many of them huddled around the doorway
Pauline S
I have complained to the ladies on reception, they say there's nothing they can do, but when there is a no smoking in public area's by law, you would think the hospital would enforce it. when you have a health  problem you shouldn't have to fight your way through the smokers in the door way. You get a ticket if you stop to long in the pick up area, so why don't they enforce the no smoking area.
Roger K

Few people visit a hospital for fun and so at times of stress those who are adicted to The Weed have enough on their plates without the additional stress of not being able to have a cigarette.

It’s bad enough that the anti-smoking fascists have prevented pubs and clubs from having set aside rooms for those who do like to smoke in a social setting so to impose their obsession on people who need more stress like a ‘bike needs an ashtray in my opinion is much more than a step too far.

BTW - Before anyone jumps out of their pram ------ I don’t smoke.

Roger K
Oh yes, one more thing ---  why NOT have a bar in the foyer?
Richard B
Ok, I am a non smoker. But smoking any where near hospitals should be banned. I worked at a holiday camp until retirement. All offices, venues, had a sign up; "It is against the law to smoke in these premises" The hospital should apply this rule to in bus shelters etc. I would have thought that as patients, the hospital would have banned smoking "FULL STOP" As it cannot be aiding their recovery. You are not in hospital for nothing these days.
Roger K
Anywhere NEAR hospitals?  Dear God, the police state gets closer each day.
Pauline S
omg the troll roger k is back, he just like to say the opposite to everyone else. if you say is bad he'll say its good well back mr misery. lol
Matthew G
Roger K is absolutely right.  Firstly, it is not against the law to smoke - if the government wanted to ban it they should do so.  Secondly, smoking is addictive: withdrawal from smoking causes serious physical symptoms.  If a smoker is ill then stopping them from smoking is almost certainly going to make them considerably less well in the short term.
Roger K
I rather object to being called a "troll" simply because at times I have a view that doesn't align with the majority.
Helga B
I agree with Matthew G and Roger K. Tolerance is the word. A few seconds of exposure to smoke want kill you. Tea, coffee, chocolate, alcohol is addictive so if anybody would like to abstain from these for a while - see how you get on-
Lorraine R
lf someone wants to smoke ...then let them smoke...who are we to say what they should and shouldn't do.....l dont care who smokes where and let live...people should do whatever makes them happy........l dont smoke and rarely drink....but l dont deny anybody anything that makes them happy!
East norfolk friendship
I gave up smoking 30 years ago and in all honesty at times still fancy a fag., but My husband who was  diagnosed with lung cancer 17.3.12 and died on 3.5.12 through other complications which were related to the cancer. found it very difficult to pass through the group of people smoking at the entrance of James Paget.  Other hospitals out of the borough enforce a no smoking ban for patients and staff and they have to stand not in shelters, but out of the boundary of the hospital, and in my opinion that is what should happen, and believe me the rule is enforced.

To witness someone dying of this disease is most traumatic not only for the patient but for the family so think on what you're doing to yourself and others who  inhale the smoke.  The cost of care to the nhs is immense, and I certainly couldn't fault one bit of it when it came to my husbands care, it must have cost thousands in the short months from when he was diagnosed, so don't moan at having to walk a few feet to a shelter built by the nhs.
Pauline S
Hi Lorraine R.   I have no problem with people that smoke, just with them right outside the hospital door. I have a breathing problem and you get 3/4 out there puffing away It really takes my breath away. I'm sure I'm not the only one with this problem
Lorraine R
Hi Pauline S.....l appreciate that....thats why they should build a point was that we should always have the freedom of choice whatever our opinions on smoking or anything else.. within the law of course.but l do understand what you mean .
John L
There are two new smokers shelters in the car park and I do hope people will use them. I was there yesterday and there were several fag-ends just outside the door so some stubborn people still think they are outside the law ( or local rule may be more accurate ). I gave up smoking many years ago and would vote for anything that made smoking inconvenient and socially unaccepable. If finding somewhere to smoke was more difficult maybe fewer young people would start this rediculous habit. Back to the hospital situation, it is totally unrealistic to expect people not to smoke so the obvious solution was to provide a place away from other people to do i, which is what has been done.
Rebecca A
the idea of the sgelters was to draw people away from.smoking right outside nain doors . not just to protect oatients/visitors but because the childs waiting area in A&E is just outside these doors as to id transoort office. not fair for staff to have to work with smoke coming in window constantly let alone ill babies and children. despite signs/on spot fines and even voice control warnings nothing stops people smoking there!
Gerry B
Well Done Roger K for standing up to the Anti-Smoking Nazis who generally don't understand the psychological complexities of the addiction of smoking.  Unfortunately, it's not black and white.  If people want to smoke, and they are happy with that...then carry on.  I agree that smokers should show responsibility towards the potential effect they can have on people close to them, but, if they want to smoke, let them get on with it and stop treating them like lepers.

I'm NOT a smoker, by the way.
June H
I thought there WAS a smoking shelter, over by the bus stops?
Kimberley B
I'm happy they are putting a shelter up, however when it's cold are they going to use it or will they still be in the door way? Even those with their intravenous in and an oxygen tank on their back. My partner had to ask smokers to move when he was wheeling me out with our 2 day old newborn on my lap then we had to pass through a cloud of smoke. Smokers are selfish whether they mean to be or not. As long as their need is fulfilled it doesn't matter about anyone else. Typical addiction.
Pop S
Am i a troll too if I agree with Roger K. Power to his elbow. But smokers should have more respect for others especially at JPH
David G
Im backward and forward to the hospital a lot lately, as a smoker  im glad they have installed some areas to smoke, i am totally against people who are well or ill that smoke outside the entrance causing smoke to waft in and generally getting in the way. 

USE the shelters, thats what they are intended for..
Dawn P
I must be a troll I agree with everyone!! Smokers under stress need somewhere to go, but agree not outside door I went the other day and a man that'd had surgery could not get to the shelter so lit up round the corner and was puking for England - where was his help? I agree not by the open windows as others in offices can't get out of the way. Mortgage is no smoking and the staff at both sites have to go off site to smoke. What do the mental health patients do?
Dawn P
Should say Northgate not mortgage!!!
Kimberley B
Acute services at Northgate have their own courtyard and smoking hut :) in the middle of the building.
John M
You can lead a horse to water-but you cant make it drink!

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