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Romford market

Has anyone been into romford lately i went friday and was tottally shocked to see how the market has dropped it used to be packed with stalls and people now its half empty what if anything is havering council doing to re-instate romford to the market it used to be i for 1 will not be going to the market again


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Colin S
Interesting, I often used to visit the market but not so regular nowadays.  Having been a couple of times before Christmas I too thought it looking a bit barren  - I put this down to out of season stalls not being around. 
I guess what I saw is now typical then from what you are saying, although there are a couple of good stalls selling odds, such as the rather excellent leather belt stall where the guy told me if the belt cracks or splits in the next 5 years to bring it back to him!  The majority seem to be selling leggings and coats for women or offering to crack the security code on a mobile phone (I presume they check its not a stolen phone first).
I can remember spending a few hours wandering the market checking out what was there, but now its a ten minute exercise.

Does anyone know if they still have the French or Farmers markets on Sundays?  They were good at one time.
It could be that the UK has now been in a recession for the last few years.  Market stalls profits are marignal, and with the market being revamped I should imagine that the council has tried to recoup this cost from the stall holders by increasing their rents etc. 

If people do not buy from the stall holders then they, the stall holders,  cannot live on air.  It takes the support of the community to keep any market going likewise local shops.

We are at the mercy of the large corporate supermarkets who hype up their prices at whim. When all the local shops and markets have gone for lack of customer and Local councils support then you just watch how much more expensive your food/clothes etc will be to buy from the supermarkets.

Not a lot is locally produced now, this includes clothing, the majority of clothes and the like are made in sweat shops abroad whereby the maker gets paid something like 20p an hour (if they are lucky) but when this product hits the UK the price does not reflect this - and we the consumer pay through the nose - so who gets rich why the fat cats who have the money in fhe first place.

Wherever possible support your local markets, local shops, local tailors, local florist etc and buy local produce if it produced abroad and not in this country leave it alone and insist on British made goods, and British meat, vegtables, fruits etc support your local farmers - this makes sense as in the end you will have to pay a lot more for imports as we will become unable to support ourselves.

Rant over - lol
Just as an aside - why have French markets???? They do not help the UK economical crises as all money made is taken back to France, so this has a negative effect on our financial economy.

I would much sooner have local farmers markets with home made produce etc., or art and crafts fares.  At least the money made by homegrown stall holders etc would boost (minimal but who knows if this was to be taken up in all local villages across the UK) the economy.
Ken R inactive
I don't know about the pre Christmas lack of trading but I seem to recall that historically traders were absent from the market in January as it is a slack trading period. Probably either in their villas in the sun or driving a minicab to subsidise their reduced income !
There are no French markets or farmers markets in Havereing the Upminster market closed due to lack of custom.
The customer gets what it pays for the majority want to get in their cars drive to a mall or supermarket get all their shopping in one go and go home.
High street shopping was never a good experience with little choice surly assistants and long cold trudges along crowded streets to stand in queues then heavy carrier bags to home.
Supermarkets give more choice 30 types of cheese at my local and clothes now cost 10% of there 1960s cost relatively.
aahhh but wait until you have no other choices and see what you have let yourself in for.  Living in a material world (oohh come over all madona - lol). 

Once they have you where they want you - you will have no choice - price increases and what can you do? Nothing - you made your decision.

You only have to look around and the supermarkets have hiked up all the prices already.

Another phrase springs to mind 'living in a box' ugg.

Give me  freedom of choice every time.
They put up the prices to pay for the so called free parking. Don't worry if they get out of hand another way will appear perhaps back to farm shops.Cometh the hour cometh the man.
Ken G
Forget what is morally right or wrong regarding clothing being made in sweat shops. People will always go to the shop or stall where they can get the cheapest prices.This applies to food also.Thats why the pound shops are booming.Obviously the pound shops still make a profit so that tells me that prices are far too expensive elsewhere.Its called competition.
Ian L
But some of the "Bargains" are not so in poundland etc...Check the sizes!
Lynne T
I have said before that Romford Market seemed to be getting smaller and smaller. If the council really wanted to do something they could advertise for new sellers with reductions on their rent for a period to get them going. cann't say I have noticed a lack of stalls in the Dagenham Sunday Morning Market.
It was jam packed through out October, November and December. It is usually very very busy through out the year but it is traditional for markets to be quiet after Christmas. This market has some great stalls and even unusual ones like a stall just selling scissors?? You have never seen so many different coloured scissors.The point is the stalls are varied and the crowds are there.  Don't know what Barking and Dagenham are doing right there but wish Havering would copy.
Umm, just like to mention that the parking is free as well which I will always believe is a positive factor for success.
Ken R inactive
LynneT This may be a clue to why you see Dagenham Sunday Market as more of a success than Romford. Dagenham is run by a company named Charfleets, Romford is run by LBH ?
Bob T
The cost of parking in Romford doesn't help. I paid £5 just before Christmas , I was only there a little over 4hrs. Now I go Lakeside, free parking and more of a choice of shops. Romford is it's own worse enemy. Cut the parking chages and give the people what they want.... More choice and better quality, not cheap tat.
No sorry I cant forget what is morally right or wrong and you pay for what you get.   Buy cheap and it doesnt last - it falls apart so you have to buy again and again, whereas if you pay a bit more and it is not made in some sweat shop abroad but made in the UK, it normally last you and you get your monies worth (is it monies or money's? always gets me that one). 

So in the long run you actually save money by paying more for an item.  Makes financial sense.  
Plus sweat shops abroad making goods for UK takes jobs away from the UK hence 'recession' obvious really.
Colin N
Quite right Autumn19 that what seems cheap may not be. Cheap seems like it might mean good value, but it also means cheap as in "cheap and nasty".

The "first cost", or "ticket price" is not an indication of true lifetime costs, but if manufacturers made things to last as long as technically possible, they would go out of business as there would be no repeat sales when the item wears out or breaks down as it has been designed to do, or the ticket price would be so high that no-one would buy them.
Colin N
Ah - the myth of free parking again. Was Lakeside given the land the car parks stand on? Is no rent or other payment due on the land? Who is paying for the cost of the land - well the shoppers of course. If the people who park their cars in a car park aren't bearing the full cost of running it, then it is subsidised parking. Why should someone who walks, cycles or takes the bus or a taxi to Romford Market (or Lakeside) subsidise those who go by car?
Rob G
We always use local if we can as long as the service is the same as the "Big Boys" and the price is similar
as the last thing I would want to see is boarded up shops on my local high streets,and I don't think the internet helps giving the impression you are getting better service and price buying it online.I know someone who bought a tv online,had trouble with it and had a lot of hassle getting it repaired under the warranty.We get a lot of our domestic products local
Theresa S
When I lived in the area, until 1987, we would go to Romford Market quite frequently to get a bargain.  After that time on visits back to the area,it was noticeable how the market was not quite the same as it used to be.  Super markets are responsible for the decline of our traditional markets.  We now live near to the Norfolk market town of Stalham.  The traditional Market was huge and also held weekly auctions. People from around the county would come to the market on a Tuesday and it was always a big attraction for the holiday makers on the boats.  The site was sold off to Tesco and the market was eventually re-started in a car park at the other end of the town but, with only a handful of stall holders. Over the past few years the market has now dwindled to just 3 or 4 stalls setting up in a small part of the car park.  Stalham also had 2 supermarkets ( Somerfield and Co-op) and a independent mini-supermarket, which is the only one now left on the high street.  Other shops have gone and now Stalham has mainly hairdressers and charity shops.  People still traditionally come into Stalham on a Tuesday but it is mainly for the Tesco shopping and certainly not the market or the small independent traders on the high street. Tesco still want to expand the store and if they do, that will be the demise of the high street.

When living In Eastwood Road, Goodmayes (pre Tesco days) you could get everthing you needed food wise and more  from the shops along the high road between Eastwood and Wellwood Road.  Macer's butchers, Alliance and VG foodstore, Clarks the bakers, Greengrocer, Halstons Post office/travel agent/ stationery and sweets, Jacksons sweet shop with a barbers in the back, Nat west and Barclays bank, Slades Household goods and DIY and trade, Gowens DIY/ trade, Kelsadenes pet shop, Barnets Clothing and haberdashery, Angelique ladies hairdresser, Nuttall mens and school out- fitter and the Co-op Chemist. Without all the other shops on the opposite side of the High Road. The chemist  and Halstons (Now Eddies Newsagent) were  the only surviving shops along the two blocks of shops when I last visited a couple of years ago.
Lynne T
Hello Theresa,
lovely to hear of your memories and loved the picture of Romford Market. I moved to Hornchurch in1974 and still here. My daughter moved away with her family and when they come to visit the area she is sad to see the decline in Romford Market. I really do believe though that better management by the councils with councillors who do care about their boroughs and don't want to just line their pockets would make a big difference.
Also thanks for the information Ken R.  
So what we need is Charfleets to run our market and not London Borough of Havering. 
When can they start??
Jenni B
Romford market yes is gradually getting smaller and smaller but i was in romford myself friday and would have to say the market was as sparce as it was due to the snow forcast and downfall that day lol
Lynne T
Hi Jenni B, yes I was in Romford Market on Friday and because of the weather I guessed it would be very quiet. My friend made me laugh when she said to the stall holder " can I have some bananas please err over there under the snow"  This poor chaps boxes of fruit and veg were all covered in snow!!
Dee S
why are Farmers Markets so expensive ? I went to one in Billericay a few years back now and the prices took my breath away I have not bothered to ever venture to another anywhere in Essex, all I bought was a loaf of bread.
Where is the nearest farm shop to Dagers ? the one in Rainham closed and the one in Brentwood down the Ongar road is mega expensive.All praise to the traditional butchers shop in Gale St Becontree they are deinately worth a visit, try their home made sausages they are far better than any supermarket., so is their meat.
Wendy P
Dee S have you tried Romford farmers market it is held first sunday of every month Im told its not too bad on prices,also the farm shop and Nursery at Warrens Farm in Whalebone lane South are fantastic we get all our plants  there and other bits  the staff are friendly and they will get you something if they have not got it prices are ok. Also there is a British traditional butcher in Romford shopping Hall who also has a shop in Rush Green road and not forgetting the egg stall in Romford market where you can get ordinary eggs plus Duck eggs and goose eggs and when they are available fresh rabbit,pheasent and duck hope this is of help
Great farm shop near the Junction of Harwoods Hall lane and Aveley road Upminster its not far from Gerpins lane great range of veg and lots of other foods.
>why are Farmers Markets so expensive ?

Probably because they have limited amounts of produce to sell, so aren't playing the "pile it high, sell it cheap" game but the "better quality, but more expensive" one.
Rob G
I can remember about 3 years ago going to a farmers market and stop to look at a sausage stall in which the stallholder was shooing the flies off his UNCOVERED sausages and promptly putting them into a bag to sell,
needless to say my wife declined to purchase any of his wares!!!

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