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I might be selfish But I wanted to wake up to see snow every where, but it looks like all we are going to get is more rain.


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Sidmouth Seagull inactive
Early this morning Newton Pop had a little and I heard on Radio Devon the buses did not go through from Sidbury to Honiton.

I did not want snow - going to Exeter early morning.
Sidmouth Seagull inactive
Just to please Sidford Pete it can snow over the weekend and melt on Monday morning  -    very, very, early!  Please.
Sidford Pete
Thank,s Seagull
                       But I don,t think I will be so lucky
Sidmouth Seagull inactive
Mr Seagull came home at 9.30 p.m. it was snowing where we are......  I have just looked out and it has gone.
Jan J
Sidford Pete.
    Well you got your wish today,not that it's much as it's raining again now here in sidmouth.ah well ,close the curtains get a cuppa and settle down in front TV.for Deal Or No deal.
EDDC tweeted that they were closing at 3.30 due to the weather!
Pining Lass
Gosh yes, it is so awful. Ha!

But I suppose they have got to think about those who have got to get to Honiton. In my day (LOL) they used to let the ones go who might get stuck travelling and keep those who could walk home if they really had to; that way business kept running. But I suppose that would be discriminatory now, the world is mad.

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