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meet for coffee

HI I was interested in the meet for coffe and chat but am a bit confused!! as to where, June P said it had been posted on here maybe I missed can somebody advise please.


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June P
          next meet will be 4 th dec  at one o clolk    at the wherry    at the back
  we are just having coffee

         i will have silk pink rose in my jacket  be pleased to see you

             best wishes june
Jean S
Hi June P
Just signed up to this web yesterday, and seen your meet on the 4th dec, is there an age limit on this?
Would like to met new people.
June P
 hi jean
            why bother about age     it dont matter   as long as you can drink a coffee

   you are more then welcom    i shall have silk pink rose on my jacket6  so you wont miss us

               i shall be ther e before one   as i have trouble walking up steps   so you see age is no promblem its for liveing

              if you cannot mange steps come in front and walk through

                                   best wishes jne
Hunny B
Hello I really wanted to come but I can't that day :( will you tell when the next time will take place please? :) thank you
Carole W
i was bit confused as to 20th is that december or was it november
Julie C
Hi Carole Its the 18th December

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