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Rogue traders

Glen P inactive in Broke Hall
I was told, by a third party about a 90 yrs old lady being targeted by rogue traders somewhere on Nacton Rd.
The lady was too embarrassed to report it.
1. If any know the individual, can I ask you to convince her to report it, mainly to help avoid any future victims. The police and courts take these offences very seriously.
2. If you have ANY cold callers, to report them to the police straight away, taking details of descriptions and vehicle reg.
3. Be very suspicious of any cold callers and NEVER agree anything on the day. If you have to tell them to come back in a week, once you’ve checked them out, got a second opinion and another quote.
4. If you’ve noticed an elderly neighbour have work done or having cold callers, be nosy and try to find out the circumstances.

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