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Old TSB building in Hamilton road

Does anybody know ,what's going on with the ex TSB building in Hamilton rd.? There is a lot of scaffolding and work happening there!


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Ted B
There are two shops to let there. It was rumoured that lloyds Bank were going to move in there, but obviously not now.
Zaax D
Why not now? I would have though it would the correct place as they have the lease of building and as JD Witherspoon's are going into the building on bank corner (supposedly) they need to go somewhere
Rob C
Witherspoons may have just been wishfull thinking. My understanding is that the Lloyds bank on the corner has been bought by the Coop Bank and will become a new bank called..... TSB (part of The Co-operative Bank).
I did also hear rumours that the old building was going to become Lloyds again, but they were forced to sell off over 600 branches so I cant see them opening up other branches to replaces the ones sold. So who knows what this shop(s) will become ??
Nick W
I have it from a very reliable source that the rumours about Wetherspoons are totally unfounded.  I think someone (wishfully) started the rumour.

To date, there is no planning application regarding Wetherspoons in Felixstowe.  (unless my extremely knowledgeable and reliable source is wrong, which I sincerely doubt)

As for what's happening in the original HSBC/Lloyds etc building, I don't know.
Pauline H
I don't what to think on that one  my dad gone a witspoons in sudbury
Zaax D
If the Co-op bank is opening in Felixstowe does that mean Britannia would be closing on the Triangle?
Richard L
Being a Lloyds bank customer, I was advised that Lloyds was staying on Bamk corner and Witherspoons is just some ones vivid imagination.

What ever happens to the old Tsb building, please do not remove those wonderful, original bow windows, it is a pity the council allowed other shops to remove them over the years, as the old windows are a great feature and our town certainly needs some re styling.
Michael R
It's just being done up that's all.
There's to let signs in window and it's on rightmove if u look for properties to rent.

So if someone has got a spare £40K plus rates a year can get it and bring something good to Felixstowe that isn't charity or coffee!
Be one hell of a lot of income to make that one work so I guess we hope someone big wants to come here!

As to Witherspoons i recall felixstowe TV or felixstowe forum mentioned a long time ago that they had spoken to witherspoons who said they were looking at premises here so I guess that's where that rumor started

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