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Large composter

Large composter, free, just come and collect.


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Jacquie P
Hi Joanne,

Do you still have the composter? If so, we'd love to come and take it off your hands for our community Garden in Plaistow (Urban Wilderness).

Joanne A
Sorry no it has gone, no one wanted it so i got the council to take it away.
Fred B
The council still issue composters my finks a fee of £5 is required per bin .
Deborah R
Hi Jacquie P sorry you didn't get the composter. Your community garden sounds interesting, whereabouts is it?
Jacquie P
Hi Deborah R.its a lovely place in the heart of Plaistow off Balsam st. First Avenue.anyone is welcome.please fill free to come along as we see it the more the merrier.
Jacqueline D
Hi Jacquie P
I have 2 large composters I no longer use. You are quite welcome to have them for your community garden Can you arrange for someone to collect them?
Please let me know

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