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Halesworth Folk Club Launch

Halesworth Folk Club Launch

Friday, 18 January 2013

21:00 until 23:3000

The Triple Plea, Halesworth


Sing, play, or even mummer. Please support launch of Halesworth folk club.


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Bill E
Good to hear of something musical starting, though not deeply into folk [ but there are different ideas of folk ] will it for instance encompass Dylan etc ?, if so I'm in  .Will certainly come along and see what develops.
Zoe W
That would be fabulous Bill, see you there
Julian M
Our band used to do Mellow Yellow, Tambourine Man and the one about the pretty girl Butterfly maybe. We can have a crack at them. Cheers Jools
Zoe W
Go For it - see you there
Zoe W

Press Release: Halesworth Folk Night


18th January sees the launch of Halesworth’s own Folk Music Night. This weekly informal session at the Triple Plea on the Broadway, Halesworth welcomes singers, musicians, singer songwriters and hopes to include a short mummer’s play at the launch.

Zoe-Anne Wadey

01986 948532

The Triple Plea

01986 874 750

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