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Housing and Council Tax Benefit Advice Day

The government is changing benefit rules from April 2013.

If you claim Housing Benefit or Council Tax Benefit, come along to find out how these changes will affect you.

  • Housing Benefit and Council Tax Benefit advice
  • Under Occupancy Team
  • Welfare Benefit Advisors from DABD (uk)
  • Job Brokers from the Job Shop and DABD (uk)
  • Citizens Advice Bureau 

Learn How to Budget Workshop: 1.30pm to 2.30pm

Please come early to avoid disappointment.

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Jan 31


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DABD (uk)
Sorry forgot to add venue!

It will be taking place at Village Community Hall, Vicarage Road, Dagenham RM10 9SD
John D
Again it falls on the voluntary sector to keep residents informed of these changes and the effect it will have.

Congratulations to DABD for continuing to "look after" our residents.
Lisa W
Trust me, DABD can afford to step it I assure you!

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