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Looking for work with Animals

I'm looking for a change from working in retail. I've always adored animals. I have rescued various animals in my time and would love to work with them. I've applied for jobs over the years and even college course but I've had no luck thus far. It seems that experience is needed but I can't gain the experience without the work! Please PM me if you know of anything. Thanks.


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Kerry G
It might be worth asking in the Faith charity shop and see if they could use any help in their shelters, i know its only voluntary work but its a start for you none the less x
Rick P
Amazonia on the sea front might be recruiting for the new season.
Tonia R inactive
Ask at the vets, they are in touch with all sorts of animal charities and organisations. Sadly you have picked one of the most popular vocations, and the easist way in is to offer your services as a volunteer. Not much of an incentive for a career change, but well worth it if you can support yourself at the same time. If you can drive that could be a blessing too !
Sue C
you could also try the animal trust down near gt yarmouth race course
hi, could you clarifly, whether you mean animal work directly or animal retail work such as a pet shop?

unfortunatly with this area you need 2 things, experence and qualifications, and to be able to travel.
i have looked into working in this area before but many places in great yarmouth such as amazonia, who did not respond to any calls or letters and sea life centre, who said they only take on people who are on animal based courses.

i do know of some volluntry positions through, with work with animals directly,
firsty is animal alive zoo in kessingland, where they ask for vollunteers in an enclosure where the public can get up close without high fences to striped lemers and a type of sheep 
the other place is in seal rescue in Winterton
I don't want animal retail. I've worked at Pets At Home and I was a volunteer back home. I want "hands on" paid work or even an apprenticeship. I know I'll be good at it! 
Thanks for your suggestions everyone. I can only keep trying!
Tonia R inactive
I hate to have to tell you this, but you only have 3 choices : 1) Voluntarily make yourself unemployed so you can go on a free college course eventually, or : 2) Pay for a college course, which could meddle with your working hours, or : 3) Start at the bottom as a volunteer at a zoo or kennels etc, but that would also need you to be unemployed. Working with animals has it's down side too, over 23,000 dogs are destroyed each year, over 10,000 cats are destroyed every year, 1 in 5 injured wild animals are destroyed every year ! Would you like to be involved in the death of these poor, helpless animals, or would you try to rescue them all ? I hate to have to give you the facts, but you haven't stated the roll you'd like to play whilst you're working with animals !
Jane S
That's all because of PEOPLE.
as you have experence, particully of small animals, to send out letters of your CV and ask wether they have any jobs going, or hand in personnally

another question, during your time at pets at home, did you gain any quailificatons? accredited or not?

another throught, i just had is maybe ask for a transfure to a pets at home which has a groming salon or a veternarry clinic for the time being... i have just looked and they have some in norwich
this link is of the vets who run the services at the top of the page is employment oppertunites, and other information

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