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photo copies.

Please can someone tell me where i can get photo copies done?In Gorleston preferably.


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In the library?
Terry E
the bridge road shop near cliff park school
Julie B
Not anymore Terry.Its been swapped for an ATM!!!
Terry E
hi jule's the other place is the shop on lowestoft road near zebra crossing/laundry police station area  hope it helps xx
Victor L
Barkers Photographic opposite library
Elizabeth N
Hi Julie, I offer photocopying as part of my secretarial services, but I am based in Belton. (01493 781899)
Julie B
Gorleston is nearer for me Elizabeth but thank you anyway.
Nathan T
Great Yarmouth Borough Council offer priting and design Services. 01493 846322
Raymond P
if you go to staples on the yarmouth acle straught roundabout if you do them yourself its cheap pennies if they do them you pay a bit more i know its not gorlestom but its cheap and easy to get to,the staff are halpful to and the libary is dear in conparison best of luck ray p
Julie B
Thanks Nathan and Raymond for your help.
Kerry G
McColls on the high street and QD both used to do it, don't know if they still do though x

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