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Mike L in Barnham
When I walk my dog I can't help but notice a great deal of rubbish laying about,  mostly take away packaging.  I'm sure this has been discussed at great length before on this forum.    Are there others  who share a concern in this regard, and wish to be pro-active with taking part with at least a visible attempt at some improvement?   It is commendable for the T.C. to have recently sited grit bins.  Perhaps they will also site rubbish bins at strategic points where rubbish seems to casually be thrown.  If nobody has as yet made an attempt to advise the Town Council of this increasing problem---which will worsen with population expansion.   I propose to put this problem to them with a list of "litter hot spots" with your help.   I know there has been discussion over a congregation of foreign nationals "hanging out"  at various locations.  If a list of these locations was compiled which also included other litter hot spots, and was presented to the T.C. as likely sites for rubbish bins with DO NOT LITTER printed in Lithuanian, Polish, Portuguese, French and English, I believe this will provide an incentive to clean up the town a bit.  This is in keeping with  recent discussion over concern about expansion plans, and how effective planners will prove themselves to be.  My immediate concern---before all this construction activity begins---is with an attempt to create some public pride in a town with much to offer.  I believe widening the location of litter bins at strategic points--- identified by your good selves--- is a beginning to that objective.

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