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When I walk my dog I can't help but notice a great deal of rubbish laying about,  mostly take away packaging.  I'm sure this has been discussed at great length before on this forum.    Are there others  who share a concern in this regard, and wish to be pro-active with taking part with at least a visible attempt at some improvement?   It is commendable for the T.C. to have recently sited grit bins.  Perhaps they will also site rubbish bins at strategic points where rubbish seems to casually be thrown.  If nobody has as yet made an attempt to advise the Town Council of this increasing problem---which will worsen with population expansion.   I propose to put this problem to them with a list of "litter hot spots" with your help.   I know there has been discussion over a congregation of foreign nationals "hanging out"  at various locations.  If a list of these locations was compiled which also included other litter hot spots, and was presented to the T.C. as likely sites for rubbish bins with DO NOT LITTER printed in Lithuanian, Polish, Portuguese, French and English, I believe this will provide an incentive to clean up the town a bit.  This is in keeping with  recent discussion over concern about expansion plans, and how effective planners will prove themselves to be.  My immediate concern---before all this construction activity begins---is with an attempt to create some public pride in a town with much to offer.  I believe widening the location of litter bins at strategic points--- identified by your good selves--- is a beginning to that objective.


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Mike L
Thanks for bringing that to my attention Richard.  Are you aware of  the T.C. acknowledging "rubbish hot spots " with provision of bins?
Richard C
I am not, but it seems to make sense. Good idea. If people report the location of litter, it should be possible to build up a picture of where bins need to be. I notice there are presently no bins in the new development outside Boots where I am sure there were several before and this is already becoming a litter hotspot.
Mike L
How far this will go depends entirely on the response received i.e. people's cooperation with building a hot spot list.
Caroline J
There are several of us who litter pick when we walk - most days if the weather is good. I don't think siting litterbins near the 'hotspots' will help as one of the worst places for litter is Haling path between two bins approx 500 yards apart!
I don't know how to get through to the offenders, sometimes I wonder if it isn't deliberate.
Mike L

Caroline J.

Most commendable for your efforts with picking up litter.  The youngsters are consistent offenders with crisp packets etc.  which is an educational issue.  If there is a measure of contempt with taking the correct action to dispose of litter properly,  this is a difficult one to overcome, as it is not an educational issue.  The perpetrator knows the difference between right and wrong.  However,  taking the view of rubbish bins as being unnecessary because of a few who may be contemptuous of their use, is not going to help.  That is the same as saying " why bother to locate grit bins, some people are going to empty them for their own use anyway"!   We need to be a bit more positive.

If any effort towards improvement is to be made in this regard, it has to be with siting more bins in strategic places with appropriate sign-age.   

If you make a note of places where litter is a regularity (in spite of bins being 500 yards away) this list once compiled, can be put to the Town Council who can take a number of actions:

  • site more bins with multi-lingual signs
  • Make the public more conscious by placarding or posting  penalty warnings around the town
  • Monitor  sites with this issue
  • Pass this onto the police community patrols
  • Surveillance cameras 
It all comes down to participation in a township wide effort which can only be achieved through the townships consciousness and awareness. The first steps need to be made via the T/C driving it forward.  They in turn can be assisted by those of us who feel a civic pride and duty through our input.
Lets get a a "litter Hotspot list" as a start.
Simon S
As said in an earlier post there is a group set up on Facebook which arranges litter picks and is always looking for volunteers. The group also prints and displays signs in many areas in various languages so if there are particular hot spots please post on the page. With regards those in 'authority' unfortunately our own Town Council  is not in control of the litter picking as this is a Serco contract arranged through our good friends at Breckland so any particular issues can be notified to and she can direct Serco towards any problem areas.
I'm with Leaping Hare CIC
Chris H
Digby Smith organises a Thursday litter pick along the river corridor, usually starting at Nun's Bridges at 10am. We find that there is no point in adding extra bins as a lot of littering is deliberate. Worse still, many of the Eastern European beer cans have been urinated in making collecting them quite unpleasant. Please send a message if you want to be added to the email list. Thanks.
Mike L
With due deference, I missed out on previous comments made, and should have assumed some sort of organised effort  in this regard.  A group effort is encouraging, but at the same time saddening that it is necessary.   Now that I have an understanding of the existing circumstances,  I will redirect my own humble efforts towards litter picking  on  a Thursday morning
Mike L
Regarding litter picking, what equipment do I need to take, e.g. dustbin bags, rake for urine filled beer tins,
dog poo bags?
Chris H
Digby brings a good range of tools including extending rakes for reaching out into the river. We usually bring bags. Waterproof gloves are a good idea. Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated.
Chris H
Owing to the snow and the lack of outdoor drinkers, the Thursday litter pick on 24th Jan has been cancelled. The next one will be posted here.
Chris H
The River corridor volunteers will meet at Nun's Bridges car Park this Thursday (31st), at 10am.
All are most welcome. Digby will bring tools, just bring a bag and some waterproof gloves.
See you there.
Mick A inactive
One hotspot I know is Croxton road, from the mundford road toward the academy. I walk the route twice daily and noted that there are no bins from innovation centre until the terrier puc. With approx 600 children ( soon to be almost doubled) that trudge that route, often eating "breakfast" en route. Their trash is discarded as they will not put it in their bags or pockets, in the absence of bins.
Mike L
Won't be able to litter pick tomorrow owing to dental appointment.
Chris H
Just the regulars turned up today, but there was very little rubish to pick up. 
Digby's report:
Chris Hayes, Graham Lawlor, Kamil Matkowski, Stuart Petch, Graham and I cleared the river down to Butten Island; there was very little rubbish. The rivers are at the highest that I have seen them since 2000.  
Chris H
Today we are meeting at Captain Mainwaring to tidy the Haling path at 10 am.
Chris H
Message from Digby about the litter pick this Thursday (14th Feb).
The Haling Path is littered again. We shall meet at Captain Mainwaring and split into two parties; one to do the Haling Path, the other to do the Water Meadows. Big litter bags will be needed. ----
Barbara R
We walk our dogs, turning into the wooded area,(off the main rd) before getting to Sainsbury's + going right around behind Sainsbury's, its disgusting, the amount of rubbish in the woods/over the sm field + onto the rd again, coming into Sainsbury's from the far end where 'hole in the wall' is, a few weeks ago there were 3-4 lg. black plactic bin bags full up , so someone had taken them there in the car + dumped them on the side of the rd. they were all torn open, rubbish everywhere, = also if we come back along the river from Thetford to the shops on Red Castle Furze, the pathway leading to the ball park, broken bottles, rubbish everywhere + human poo there the other day, (thanks to whoever shoveled that up!)We will pick up dogs mess if we see it, but draw the line at human waste!! Also plenty of bins both for rubbish + dogs poo, but still they throw it on the ground(nr to a bin) + same with dogs poo, just left,+ all along the rd. going past the school back to the main rd.dogs poo + rubbish+ bins are there for the rubbish, rubbish dumped beside + around them!!  problem.....why do so few make it so unpleasant for the ones who take some pride in where they live, a never ending problem...
Sue W
We walk our dogs in many places in and around Thetford.  We are constantly picking up litter where ever we go  but  one of the areas that really iratates me is in Thetford forest.  The high energy drinks bottles and health snack bar wrappers strewn all over the place is totally unnecessary. We come home with carrier bags full of the cyclist's rubbish. The other area is down by the old swimming pool by the Nuns bridges. We pick up tons of cans, bottles and fast food crap from car owners who just can't be asked to take it home. 
It's such a pity that people that live in such a beautiful area of East Anglia treat it with such flipancy. 
Thank goodness for those of us who do make an effort and  take a pride in our lovely town.
I'm with Sue Ryder

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