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Barking Rugby Club, next to Castle Green

We need young players to come and join and our friendly family club, players start from 5 upwards, we train on Saturdays 10am till 12pm, and Wednesdays 6.30pm till 8.00pm Come along and have a go and make new friends. Also we need coaches who are willing to give up any spare time they may have to help train our boys/girls. If you you are able to help pop along and have a look round. We also do jelly babyeez on a saturday morning 10.30 till 11.30 age 2yrs to 5. £2.00 per week.


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Pam D
Have you got a poster or anything we could put over Thames View; there are loads of kids over here.
Yes we have posters/leaflets; where would be the best place to display them. Would local shops be willing or would do they charge a fee. Would you know?
Pam D
The library would take one or two; the opticians would put a poster up, the launderette would, the small shops.

If you let me have about 6 posters I could take them in the shops and it wouldn't cost anything.

There's also a helpful shopkeeper on the Gascoigne - it's the wine shop - I'm sure he'd display one for nothing too.
Thats perfect, thanks for your help, will grab some from the club and start posting them about. Thank you x
Nina S
Hi there I'd like bring my lil boy down, and give it a try. Sounds really nice and friendly. How much are sessions? Where exactly are you, I'm too familiair with barking but I know how to get to barking station.
Registration is £10 for the year. Subs are £15 a month but come down and have a go to see if your son likes it first. You can find more info on the club website here

Rugby is great for building confidence and in my son's team there is a great team spirit amongst the kids who have all become good friends. There's nothing better than bringing your child home exhausted from a training session, covered in mud but having enjoyed himself so much he can't wait to get back and do it all over again!
Hi Nina, thanks for your response. We would love to have you come visit us and try our club. From barking station you will need to get the bus. 287 and the stop will be castle green. The post code for the club is rm9 4tx . If you go onto google maps I believe it will give you directions via.bus or use til website. Once on the bus you wont be able to miss it. Ask the driver for castle green bus stop. How old is your son. If he is under 8 subs 2 pound a week. Over 8 15 pound a month. Player membership 10 pound for the year. All matches are on sundays. Hopefully see you there. I will be wearing a black barking rugby coat, and will be in the hall with the jelly babyeez. Thanks
Sorry nina tfl website. X

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