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Local honey

Does anyone know where I can get some good local honey please?


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Annette P
we have some from hives at Hoveton at Stalham Farmers Market which is this Saturday 9-12 in the Town Hall.  don't know if this is local to you
Matthew W
Pop along to the mardle cafe in lound (used to be the post office great coffee nice people and good food they sell local browston honey on their window
Linda W
You could try Spinney Farm in Oulton open Friday & Saturday Only or Holly Farm/Nuirseries in Blunderston
they both sell local honey
Catherine O
A gentleman on the left side of London Road going towards Kessingland keeps bees and has a sign outside advertising local honey. We have bought some from him at a craft fair and it is very good.
I now its a bit far, but there is a gentleman who lives in Lynn Grove in Gorleston who sells honey.
Sheila C
longworths butchers on gorleston rd oulton sell local honey
Jane D
If you are Carlton Colville way the farm shop on the Rushmere Road sells local honey too, it's where I get mine .
lizzie s
Jane, where exactly is the farm shop on the rushmere road.
Jane D
If you go past the car sales place on the right, round the corner and not far past the national speed limit signs there is a house standing on its own with a garage next to that, the shop is in the garage, potatoes, carrots, other veg, eggs and the honey of course. Hope you find it.
Sarah S
Thanks everyone for all your suggestions I'll be making a beeline to one or two of those ;)
Patricia K inactive
I just bought some honey on Saturday from the Mardle Cafe in Blundeston.  It is supplied locally from a beekeeper in Browston.  It is absolutely delicious.  Recommend the home-made bread also.

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