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Alexandra Park

Kai F inactive in California
Hi Guys.
Ive been a member on this site for a while, and thought I would put m first post up today relating to the graffiti/tags that have appeared on the toilets of Alexandra Park.
I am very frustrated with the approach that the Council are taking in relation not just to this park, but others around the town. I have lived here since August, and have noticed that the park attendants are almost always early closing the park, they arent approachable, and when its closing time, they just blow their whilstle and expect us to understand!
But more importantly than their blatant lack of common courtesy, I am upset that our PUBLIC PARKS are closed for about 16 hours a day in the winter- and this is apparently to stop crime in the vicinity of the park. Well thats obviously not working, as the grafitti went up this weekend. Instead, this closing of the parks is meaning locals cannnot walk their dogs in the eveningĀ  or early in the morning, nor can anyone who works full time access the parks, but the kids are still getting access overnight but jumping the fences or getting through gaps. There is also a worryingly large group of homeless people in the park.
I understand that this is a rant- however it seems to me that the people who are unable to use the park are those who have a vested interest in its ongoing- and kids or gangs or homeless people who do not invest in the park can access it through the breaks in the park, and are totally alone in the park to do their criminal behaviour, BECAUSE ITS CLOSED to the rest of us. Seems to me that their idea isnt working.

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