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Loan Sharks

A week of action against loan sharks is beginning next Monday in the South East area of Ipswich as war is declared on the unscrupulous and illegal money-lenders who prey on the vulnerable

Activities during the week of action include community advocate sessions at the Salvation Army Priory Centre on the following dates:

Wednesday 30th January (1pm to 3pm);
Friday 1st February (1pm to 3pm); and
Saturday 2nd February (10am to noon).


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S here
Are those who advertise on TV loan sharks I have seen 2782 % interest per year is thatv not a Shark
Illegal moneylenders, or loan sharks, are those who lend money to people without a credit licence. Loan sharks prey on some of the most vulnerable people in society and cause immense misery.
Wonga and other loan companies are currently legal although they do charge very high interest rates

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