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Rcommendations: Cleaner / Agency for weekly housekeeping

I am looking to hire a cleaner to do two hours of cleaning each week.

Am concerned about getting someone trustworthy, and wonder if anyone has any recommendations for a cleaner/cleaning agency that they have used?


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Deirdre W
Yes one of my cleaners may be interested , she only speaks spanish , and is very good and trustworthy, worked in family in spain 8 years , from columbia , could ask her,  where are you living, ? from deirdre
Xyn X
Thanks Deirdre, I'm in Islington/Holloway.

But I think communication might be a problem because I can't speak Spanish. :/
You could try Westgate Cleaning Services - Mark Westall is the owner. They clean offices in Angel and are very good. 020 8290 6665
Tom T
Hi Xyn X,
I might be able to help you. I run a small, reliable cleaning company and would be happy to come over and price up the weekly work for you as well as any other 'deep cleaning', carpet shampooing and maintance, mending, decorating type stuff too if you'd like to email me. I live in Lady Somerset Road and can get you references, am CRB enhanced checked, etc. My email is  (above message applies to anyone else that needs house cleaning too...)
Jackie F
I've got an amazing cleaner - she's private and I know her mother in-law who has been cleaning for us for 8 years.
She's very cost effective so if you are interested in her details, drop me an email:

Olympia Z
Hi Xyn X,

I use a small company called Green Clean who are very good - thorough, reasonably priced and they use environmentally-friendly cleaning products. They're based in the HIghbury end of Stoke Newington and do most of north London. Their website is

Best of luck,

Xyn X
Thanks everyone! Your recommendations have been very helpful are much appreciated.

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