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Kings Arms pub

I am sure I'm not the only person who is disgusted with the derelict Kings Arms Pub on Mile Cross Road. It has been empty for several years, and is becoming the other 'Mile Cros Tip'

I have in the past complained to our local MPs and even contacted the press,  but they come up with feeble excuses, and it just get swept aside. I  sympathise with the residents living close bym and feel sure that it may become an arsonists target.
How do others feel?  Streetlife members who feel the same may wake up the Deaf, Blind and Dumb well paid members of the Council to take action.


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Bill T inactive
it dosent even look like a pub?
It's an absolute disgrace.
Shirl S
Time it was sorted
Maurice L
It has been a target for arsonists a couple of times, it has been suggested to be converted to a Police Station but was rejected because it would cost too much.
Terence B
The ridiculousness of this situation is that whilst many sites like the old Kings Arms stand derelict, councils around the region are drawing up plans to concrete over green fields because of our need for housing. Who are the idiotic people who make these policies.
Keith R
Its been to long the concil dont care if it was on their door step it would be different

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