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Filthy streets and gardens bring vermin to our homes

Ron J in Aldborough Hatch
On 11th February BBC Radio London breakfast show covered the story of the urban fox that bit a child. Various causes for the increase in the fox population were given and mention was also made of rats. I rang in and was interviewed by telephone live by presenter  Paul Ross. I made the point that residents leave out black plastic sacks with household rubbish which are then torn open by hungry foxes and rats. These bags should be stored in dustbins and not left in rear or front gardens unprotected. They should NOT be put out overnight - but first thing in the morning on the day of refuse collection - and if this means getting up at 6.45am on that day as we do, so be it (and my wife and I are both 80 this year!).
If rubbish is put out in bags the result is that the area is strewn with rubbish. Our local doctor's surgery front garden is a rubbish tip and in spite of polite requests, nothing is done about it - the rubbish just gets worse every week.
Fast food outlets too cause problems - with dirty inconsiderate residents dropping their litter in the street and under the subways - and they are not always the students and children - adults are often far worse so do not blame the kids!
Rats are alive and well in Aldborough Hatch! And enjoying a good life-tyle whilst the area if in distinct danger of becoming a slum.
But I went out with my litter-picker last week and filled a sack with bottles, cans and litter on Bridleway 93 between St. Peter's Church and Aldborough Hatch Farm - the drink of choice is Budweiser, closely followed by Lager and Lucozade - Vodka only accounted for one bottle!
Let''s keep Aldborough Hatch the clean and pleasat place it was in the past.

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