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Filthy streets and gardens bring vermin to our homes

On 11th February BBC Radio London breakfast show covered the story of the urban fox that bit a child. Various causes for the increase in the fox population were given and mention was also made of rats. I rang in and was interviewed by telephone live by presenter  Paul Ross. I made the point that residents leave out black plastic sacks with household rubbish which are then torn open by hungry foxes and rats. These bags should be stored in dustbins and not left in rear or front gardens unprotected. They should NOT be put out overnight - but first thing in the morning on the day of refuse collection - and if this means getting up at 6.45am on that day as we do, so be it (and my wife and I are both 80 this year!).
If rubbish is put out in bags the result is that the area is strewn with rubbish. Our local doctor's surgery front garden is a rubbish tip and in spite of polite requests, nothing is done about it - the rubbish just gets worse every week.
Fast food outlets too cause problems - with dirty inconsiderate residents dropping their litter in the street and under the subways - and they are not always the students and children - adults are often far worse so do not blame the kids!
Rats are alive and well in Aldborough Hatch! And enjoying a good life-tyle whilst the area if in distinct danger of becoming a slum.
But I went out with my litter-picker last week and filled a sack with bottles, cans and litter on Bridleway 93 between St. Peter's Church and Aldborough Hatch Farm - the drink of choice is Budweiser, closely followed by Lager and Lucozade - Vodka only accounted for one bottle!
Let''s keep Aldborough Hatch the clean and pleasat place it was in the past.


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Barbara M
How many foxes has anyone actually seen in the local area recently? One, at 4am, I saw nonchalantly crossing the road from the allotments,strolling down our pavement towards the school where he probably rested up for the day under the trees in the long grass. No obvious dustbins out for him to scavenge. He did look rather be-draggled though...a cold night to be out seeking food.

Last summer I saw a well-fed, glossy coated fox, in mid-afternoon, jump into my garden over a 4ft wall, walk down the path, sniff at the compost-bin and then cross to the next wall, leap over it and then continue its route across a number of gardens... A regular route perhaps usually at night?
Alan B
Ron, If your local doctors front garden is full of rubbish contact the council, environmental and health department, and they will look into it. 

Go to  to find telephone number or report it on line.
Kate L
Maybe we should organise a litter picking event. When the weather improves.
Ron J
I agree that a litter-pick would be a good idea - but we could only do this on the roads, in the shrubberies and on the footpaths and bridleways - not in people's front gardens. And a litter-pick would not sort out the resients who leave out their black plasric sacks in their rear and front gardens all week - or put them out the night before the refuse collectors arrive early morning - so that foxed and rats tear them open for food. As the weather improves, walk around Aldborough Hatch and have a look in a few front garden. There are some well-planted and attractive gardens but most are now just car parks with rubbish. In my humble view people need to be named and shamed into doing something. A few colour photographs of the worst offenders might be posted prominently in Aldborough Hatch. How about thaf!
Alan B
As my comments above, if peoples front gardens are car parks with rubbish, report them to the council, environmental and health.
Vanessa C
Fully support the advice given about reporting such mess on the Council's website - please do use it! The Council can and do tell people NOT to put their rubbish out too early and no rubbish should be left out before collection day.  If they continue to do so then  the Council does have the option of fining them.

I am amazed at the number of homes that do not seem to own a dustbin and as the saying goes -are easily attainable from all good hardware outlets.

Please don't feed the foxes - they can be a nuisance and most of them have mange which domestic pets can pick up and as there are about a 100 types of mange, some can be caught by humans!   I have seen more dead foxes on the Eastern Ave (A12) then ever before - foxes don't understand about dual carriageways - they are to busy getting to the al fresco restaurant that humans provide.
Ron J
Many thanks to all for comments. Yes, Alan, I have reported the Doctor's Surgery to the Council - it was cleaned up once but it has all happened over again. I will do so once more. When the weather is a but warmer I will go out with the camera and send photographs to the Council.
Thanks, Vanessa, too - helpful as ever.
Alan B
We did contact the council to ask them if we should put a bin out or a plastic bag.

Their advice was to put out a plastic bag as it is easier for the refuse collectors.

We compromised, we put out a dustbin with plastic plastic bags inside.

This stops the foxes and stray cats ripping the bags and keeps the bin men happy.

We do not put out our bin until the morning of the collection sometimes in the dark, but a small price to pay to keep our area clean.

While on the subject, our bin men do a great job, so thank you very much.
Ron J
Thanks Alan for your helpful comment. I agree - the bin men and the recycling men do a godd job. In fact, the recycling men bring our boxes back to near the house rather than leaving them in the gateway - most helpful.
We put our bins out - often in the dark - at 7am. The recycling boxes go out the night before with lids on them.
Audrey S
One problem is the large council bins that are near  takeaways can easily be entered by foxes. they then pull  everything out onto the pavement to get to any scraps.
James B
I did buy a wheelie bin for £30 that holds up to 3 moderately sized bin bags and certainly speeds up putting out the rubbish on the due collection day...however they cannot be used by some folk without steps as they cannot lift the bags high enough to put into the bins. For me It certainly eliminated the problem of torn bags and rubbish strewn around though i would comment that cats also tear open dustbin bags (come to that some birds do) I would suggest the cats do it the majority of times, it is not all down to foxes and rats.
It would be good if the council used its purchasing power to secure a better price  for these bins for householders.
Alan H
Dear James B
If you are putting out 3 moderately sized bin bags a week you are not recycling enough. :)

But I do agree with you about NEXT DOOR'S CAT !
I'm with Barkingside 21
James B
dear alan... I agree though its not 3 that i put out its 2, the bottle and card boxes fit in and on the top and i can wheel the lot out in 1 hit..     oh  yes the scenting has diminished too

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