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Table Top Sale - North Wymondham Community Centre - 10 February 2013

North Wymondham Community Centre will be the venue for a Table Top Sale on Sunday 10 February from 11.00am - 3.00pm.

The booking fee is £5 and the proceeds will go towards the refurbishment of the hall.

We would particularly like to hear from you if you took part in the Neighbourhood Driveway Sale earlier this year.

For more information contact Tony on 01953 605434 or e-mail

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North Wymondham Community Centre, Lime Tree Avenue, Wymondham

Feb 10


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Tony G
See you there Tony - looking forward to it!
Tony V
Dear Fellow Streetlifers

I'm not sure if this is technically allowed and we may have to defer to our mentor, Nina, to get the official answer but would any of you good people be up for meeting face to face?

In other words, changing your status from a StreetLifer to a StreetLoafer.

Some of us know each other already. Others live close to each other (by the very nature of this network) but we have never met.

Exercising the Code of Conduct which no doubt exists somewhere on this website about meeting up. It should be in a public place and making sure you are in the company of others.

I would therefore like to suggest that this "Street-Meet" takes place in the safety and warmth of the North Wymondham Community Centre at 12 noon on 10 February.

The hall will not only be full of people (if 10% of those on this network turn up we will be happy), some of them will have some things to sell, as you will be arriving at the height of the Table Top Sale and just in time to hear the winner of the Red Letter Puzzle Trail. Come at 11.00am if you want the best bargains!!

You will be offered a free cup of coffee and a biscuit and you can retain your anonymity if you prefer.

However, if you wish to show those in the know you are a Street Loafer, you can wear the red buttonhole you would have obtained the day before at the town's Take it as Red day.

You are also welcome to stand under the clock in the hall if it will make your identification any easier but unlike that at Victoria Station, you will not be encumbered by thousands of commuters trying to get off or get on a train!

(Finger pointed to the side of the nose and with a wink of the eye) Look forward to seeing you there!

As you say Kathryn C - I AM bonkers but I'm glad to hear (from a posting elsewhere on this site) that you like me nonetheless.

The next time we meet could be at the Zumba Dance Festival (you were going to offer to organise).

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