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Need more volunteers for our committee

The Camberley Society
in Camberley

We need help with achieving our vision and objectives for improving Camberley. if you interested we'd love to have a chat. Please contact me at

Our vision is to be a thriving civic society that works closely with its members, other societies and voluntary groups and with local councils and achieves real benefits for Camberley

Specific objectives for the current year and beyond

  • To make Camberley one of the most attractive towns in the country, through improvements in the quality of open public space, including better town centre street furniture, more trees, flowers and other planting

  • To hold an open forum meeting for voluntary groups to meet and discuss shared objectives, raise the level of awareness of their individual groups and enhance membership

  • To re-invigorate the ’50 minute’ campaign to improve Camberley’s rail service, find a sponsor and develop a detailed benefits case

  • To actively monitor and act on any issues which are likely to have an impact on Camberley, its residents and its environment, for example the development of the London Road block