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Onehouse Island

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A classic tale of adventure and death on a mysterious island in the North Sea, when John Handful is asked by Ian Hammond, his ex-brother-in-law to attend the Oxmarket Baccarat Club’s annual soirée at the luxury hotel on Onehouse Island because he believes his life is in danger. Accompanied by his girlfriend Kimberley, John Handful arrives too late to save his ex-brother-in-law who was murdered by an unknown assailant whilst in the process of blackmailing the greatly distressed fiancée of Lord Danvers, the famous actress Nikki Fritz. John Handful finds himself enmeshed in a violent, multi-layered plot in which very few of the persons staying at the hotel are whom they claim to be and the only witnesses are the other members of the Baccarat club who were playing a practice game near an open window when Miss Fritz staggered in, crying ‘Murder!’

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