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Dog Safety take care

Have just been advised that ANTIFREEZE is being put in puddles in PARSLOES made your dog/s ill even kill them.


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Freddy M
Hi Barry, sounds a bit strange. Who told told you that?
Jill B
Is the antifreeze to stop ice forming and people suing the Council when they fall over!  I wonder if it is a type that is non-poisonous to dogs - is there such a thing?  You would have thought the Council would have thought of our four-legged friends!
Malcolm C
it is true that anti freeze kills  animals; cats are particuly attracted to it, there have been many recorded incidents.
as the council is prone to knee jerk responses it is possible ,but i dont think even they are spending money on anti freeze in puddles.
there is more chance of tripping in the thousands of potholes and dangerous footways littering the borough  
Barry W
Road grit is much cheaper.
Dee S
thats awful to do this to dogs, there are some  real sick people around. I read in the free Romford Gazette this week [ picked it up at Asda Romford] that a cat that has been missing for 10 years has been found wandering and traced via its microchip now thats good news.

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