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Hi all, I'm currently trying to arrange the installation of a stairlift for an elderly relative but I've had a quote not far short of £5000. Could anyone recommend a reliable, trustworthy company that could do this for a bit less or is this the going typical rate?


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Pam D
It sounds quite expensive.  Have you googled stairlifts because some companies sell reconditioned ones; we had one for my mum and it was absolutely fine.  Also you'd see a range of prices from different companies.
Steve W
try looking on ebay for a stair lift and then get a local builder to fit it  for you
Mitch C
Hi I am actually in the industry and can confirm that you probably can do better than that price.

I will however strongly advise you not to buy a lift and get a builder to fit it as this could lead to safety issues

If you want to get in touch please do I am not hard sell! In fact my sister noticed this thread

Many thanks

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