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what is the banging in the sky right now???

This has been goin on all night. What is it???


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Helen B
Santa landing on the roof tops silly.:0)
Anthony W
its the angels building barriers at the gates of heaven, they're hoping for a quiet crimbo so they can party, unlike the party down below, where things can get a bit hot....... lol
Gerry S
Sorry about that Dean - it must have been the sprouts ;(
June M
I was round my friends in Hellesdon earlier tonight and heard banging again, thought might be something at airport or fireworks, as havent heard many this xmas like usually.
Steve L
I think it's a gas fired bird scarer in the fields between Newton st faiths and Horsham st faiths area
Helen B
I was up at Horsham St Faiths Crematorium earlier this afternoon. I heard a loud bang so Steve is probably right.

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