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Recycling issues

Has anyone experienced our recycling operatives ignoring emptying of the green box just because it has a lid on it? Despite complaining last week to the council, this is the second week that I have had it happen to me. I thought I was doing them a favour by keeping the paper dry! Am losing the will to recycle!


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Fiona Campbell
As far as I know it's fine to keep the lid on! But I have noticed that recycling is patchy. Last week I had to go on the website and request that they come back and get my rubbish. They'd done the rest of the street, but left mine for no apparent reason. Keep recycling!
Deirdre W
No I have a lot of recycling, in barnsbury, my house,and they always empty it , just leave them a note , best way.on top of lid, occasionaly lids are not replaced and blow about on the road!
John H inactive
i leave my lid on, it could be that where you store your recycle bin, i have to take it to the gate or they wont touch it., then they give it a cursory tip which means that some paper is left stuck to the bottom of the bin where it has got wet. it seems such an easy thing to do to empty a box, but not to some people.
Emine H
i think the recycling people have strict guidelines to follow when they're on the job. which parts of north london is this most commonly occurring?

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