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green waste booked collections

have people who phoned and booked for a green waste collection for week mon 14 jan - fri 18 jan actually had their bin emptied?.
i booked mine at the beginning of the month. was told to put bin out ready for monday morning. the refuse collecters would then empty the bin one day in the week. they said they were unable to say which day but to leave bin out for collection. mines been out all week and they havent collected yet. phoned council this afternoon to ask if they were coming as today was the last day for collection. was told if they dont collect in the next couple of hours they wouldnt be round so have to phone and book for the february collection.  what a waste of time and phone money.


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Linda H
The same happened to me, but they did collect it at 3. 00 in the afternoon, I was surprised because last year I booked and it never got collected even after phoning 3 times. On Monday I am going to book again for the Feb collection.
Lesley S
why do the council bother to advertise they do booked collections when they dont turn up.   what is maddening is that i have more i was going to book for feb but now i still have a full bin and wont be able to fill it with the feb waste i have. i am not wasting phone call money on them anymore, i emailed and complained
Barbara N
I booked and mine was picked up late evening yesterday
Linda H
Yes I have four more bagfuls to go, I am going to book  on monday for the feb collection, fingers crossed.
Lesley S
where can you get bags from. i remember when the council dished out those biogradable bags but they were useless. put weeds in it for a couple of days and they fell apart.
Daphne F
hi linda. where do you book for green waste to be collected please.
Lesley S
hi to book a feb collection of green waste call council on   0208 215 3000

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